Thursday, August 9, 2012


dah dekat 4 bulan dah.

blog pun terbiar.
writing for once, i love it so much.
regardless there are readers, or none.
but hey, the point of writing, is for people to read.

last time, there's just a lot of stories i could share.
mostly based on my 'observation'.
because i had so much time.
nowadays, most of the so called observation thingy i do, is in hospital.
i don't know, but it is just not good, or some said 'ethical' to talk about patients outside healthcare setting.

so i try to resist the temptation of revealing the panas stories happened there.

maybe i could story some interesting thing happened to me?

there was this 1 patient, who gladly invite me to his wedding, upon discharged from the hospital.
so i went. somehow, i met him and his wife again on twitter! so now we become friends :'>

there was this another patient, happened to be a manager of 1 japanese restaurant in Pavillion. she promised me that i'll get discount whenever i go there. shuwiittt kan???

a patient's father offer me to send me to KL Sentral once to catch my bus to LCCT, on a very day my flight to Krabi. :'>

another patient invite me to his Kebun Durian in Langat.

one time, a patient threat me for a lunch after i settled my task in clinic.

therefore, i shud stop complaining about my work, and start counting my blessing. hihi