Wednesday, December 22, 2010

saya handsome, saya okay?

disclaimer: sila jangan ambil serius title entry untuk kali ini.


-red converse-

its just wrong to leave one blog ignored from a very undivided attention, because from a very peculiar perspective point of view, its just unethical for a blogger to do so. mengarut lagi?

i'd become a very lazy person that previously i'd never know i capable off. tidor jam 8 malam, bangun jam 5.30 pagi. how was that? for a straight 2 weeks. so malam ni i berazam untuk tidur lambat sikit dari kebiasaannya, may be 8.10 pm, or 8.30 pm, so i can spend my quality time better yo, like, preparing my bed? heeee.

those 2 photos i upload this time i really loike. yang 1st tuh very the grey's anatomy virgin version kan? (nobody in the photo i can assure u, had ever having sex with husbands or wives of somebody else like those grey's anatomy characters like to do whenever they feel like it). plus, i look handsome in that photo heheheeeee.

the second one, i very the loike it because, please notice my shoes! every other color is edited, except for the shoes. those shoes memang i pakai ke hospital for practical lol. nice kan? nice kan? i thought i was gonna buy the orange one, tapi yang orange sangat expensive, so i bought the red one instead. how cool was that? heeee.

this friday is holiday. yeay! every body seems to plan something. going somewhere, eating something, playing anything, etc etc. me? aku awal2 dah plan, tido saje!

i thought at first this entry bertujuan to share my pengalaman sepanjang berada di 'department budak kecik' ini, tapi for the time being, macam very the malas. just bought 3 dvds, last night try to watch bridget jones 2, not even halfway, saya sudah tertidur.

dan saya pun sudah mengantuk sekarang ni, walaupun jam baru menunjukkan 5.36 sore Waktu Indonesia bagian Barat.


epul said...

Tu converse Bandung kah? keh3...

Tajuk tu macam similar dengan cerita panas yang keluar dalam surat khabar lately...

::alifdalmim:: said...

tersenyum aku bc title entry ni..hahaha

ruffey said...

epul, yezzaahhh~ memang konves bandung. ko bli konves kat amerika pun tetap ada tulis "made in indonesia".
oh ye ke? paper apa? harakah?

adam, silakan senyum =)

sheryzan said...

wah~ng completee la masa tdo ya.bravo.

syida said...

we've got the same shoes! except mine is maroon hehe