Monday, December 13, 2010

Dan Brown

regarding my last post, i didn't mention anything about freemason.
the concept of it so hard for me to understand, yet one speculation that i can digest out of it is,
our government or maybe just some so-called leaders related to freemason.

yes! now i can relate our YBs to Lady Gaga also! because there were saying said Lady Gaga is freemason too! ra ra ra ah ahh~

if it is true that our country are under the influences of freemason,
who knows if one day, Dan Brown will write a novel featuring Robert Langdon being called from Malaysia, to solve a mystery of Freemason in our country. yes, featuring those structures claimed under influence of freemason like KLCC, Putrajaya, even the Kustem library.

ok, sampai sini saje karut marut untuk kali ini. saye sedang sakit. semoga saye cepat semboh. amin.

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