Saturday, October 16, 2010

musically talented?

u see, i read somewhere (i can't recall where, memory deteriorated. that's happened much if one's brain capacity is comparable to an empty can of coke) about playing musical instrument can boost up one's mental and intelligent.

i can use a mental booster for a good cause. i might stop cheating during exam, or becoming a straight As student, in extreme hypothetically situation.

i longed to play violin since i was in standard 3. never had the chance until now, since there's no violin teacher in labuan. pity this island.

violin is the most elegant music instrument, i think. and the sound its produce, so ethereal (only in the expert hands. in the wrong hands, u can't really can't distinguish it with a shriek of banshee).

so i had the chance now and i bought my own violin.
the problems are like, banyak.
i can't read the taugehs on the lines in a music sheet.
my feeling for right tempo, none.
real disaster tau.

i am giving up.
but my passion for music is still there, deep in my heart. (so a heart basically is just a large pump, pumping blood through your whole body. nothing really is placed over there, let alone your feeling for somebody).

so i am considering another musical instrument. i need that mental booster!

after doing a great search over the internet, and the library, also asking opinions from great musicians, to find the right instrument for me, (pembohongan belaka) i came to my conclusion.


until then, ciao


MalamDecipher said...

Vuvuzuela??? by the time you put it on your lips and blow it with as much as earth energy that you can absorbed around you, ketahuilah raff..

probability for you to have "kentut berdarah" adalah sangat tinggi....>.< pun selagi masih hidup jangan takut mencuba..!! why dun you try recorder..+__+ i'm tryin to suggest things here...O.O

A+z+i+E = AziE said...

vuvuzela?? wow!

ruffey said...

MalamDecipher? seriously, is that bad?! wow!
thanx for sharing. i shud avoid that killing instrument ok.
i tot vuvuzuela might be the ultimate music instrument for me, since it just have 1note, and no dynamic whatsoever, just right for me yang tone and tempo deaf ini. ehehhe

Azie, yes! vuvuzuela! i try to be international here, don't u see? XD

A+z+i+E = AziE said...

oh.. 1 world=1Malaysia.... kih3

men la melodian.. ta pun kastenet sudeh... hoho