Tuesday, September 28, 2010

an english letter. i didn't know i can write a letter lol

i want to inquire about ATM usage at CIMB ATM in Indonesia.
for several weeks i've been using my ATM card at certain CIMB Niaga Indonesia ATM
without any problem, only just now, no transaction is allowed.
the ATM machine shows message "your card has been restricted".
i asked my sister back in Malaysia to help me call the callcentre to ask for assist, and she wasn't allowed to on behalf of me to activate my ATM card for international usage. she did told me however, CIMB Malaysia wanted to verify of me and my card was blocked for security purpose, and i didn't have any record of activating my card for international usage.

my sister gave me the callcentre international number +603-22956100.
i did try to call, and the officer was very kind to me, except when she put me on hold on the line, suddenly the phone call was cut by my local mobile service provider, since i don't have enough credit balance to make a long duration international call. (i almost a miskin student, u see. i can't withdraw my money T.T )

u see sir? i really need your help to overcome my problems as soon as possible, since my room rent is overdue, i need to buy text books, and i can't live by depending on cheap instant noodles only. XD
i am currently a student in Bandung, Indonesia and is scheduled to graduate on November 2011 if everything going fine as planned.
so i plan to use my CIMB Malaysia ATM card in Indonesia until the time i graduated.

i really really need your help and assist sir!

for your kindness, i thank you in advance.

salam =)