Thursday, July 1, 2010


there is this 26 years old woman involving her DAD in our very ridiculous pseudo conflict.

she told me about this another girl saying bad stuff about me at my back, while being nice in front of me at the same time.

yes, i asked that girl if that stuff really happened.

the girl said, if i want an answer, we 3 should have a talk.

by the way, these 2 people, their conflicts were legend.

the 26 years old woman refuse, and saying if we want to talk, her dad should present too. she don't want to talk to us unless her father is there.

i said ok, watever, u want to play childish, i just into the game lah.
being childish is my specialty too.

now, can you imagine the situation? thank you XD


Replay said...

26? mbak bapak? hahaaa

haziah said...

haha apa lagi raf, bring your dad along la jugak!!! haha

sorry to say this, but the 26 y.o. sure have personality and attitude issues la; roughly predicted based on the story..


ruffey said...

jenny, aokla, aku layan jak. haha. aku sik tauk pa nya padah ngan bapak nya, nya tok delusional bha.
mek org mok face to face to talk, nya padah ngan org lain mek org jelez ngan love life nya yang mok kawen 2 minggu gik!
kenal pun sik mek org ngan laki nya oh.

haziah, lol! in my life, macam pernah skali je i involve my dad tau. itu pun sebab org kutuk my dad, then i told my dad la. hahahaaha.