Saturday, April 3, 2010

busuk badan jauh lebih baik dari busuk perangai

aiyo, this place is a very gossipy place.

kawan aku sorang ni, dia cantek.
satu hari, orang sebar fitnah kata dia flirting (bahasa kita: menggatal) dengan doctors (notice the 's' ok). sian dia, i know her, and i get it.
doctors were the ones that flirting with her, it wasn't she who had started it first.
because of her prettiness, she get special treatments lah, like personal lessons from those doctors who obviously like her, etc.
she told me she wasn't comfort with all those stuff actually, but after 1,545,623 phone calls from the doctors (me never get a phone call, because i am not a pretty lady *sigh* hehe) with 'reason' they wanted to teach her, how can she say no?
1 or 2 phone call, u just can say, "i'm sorry, i'm busy".
btw, she loves surgery, so she just accept those offers lah.
so, lots of doctors here, especially surgical residents are handsome-macho types of people. 'some girls' were like "awwww, look at that dr. K, he's so handsomeee".

and these 'some girls' lah (oh ya, i know a boy too), yg jelez, because those doctors yang mereka suka (they even have a pact with their clan, so they are not going to have a clash among them because they target for the same doctor) give special attention to the girl (my friend) who are way prettier than them, they started to spread rumours.

jahat kan?

-to be continued-


QuantumDecipher said...

wlpn blum hbis crita ko aku stuju!! busuk badan boleh kasi busuk perangai...eeeee..tolonglah~~!! +___+

Replay said...

nasib ku sik blajar sia.mun sik lelah la mok jawab kol tok..haishhh~

A+z+i+E = AziE said...


ruffey said...

Quantum, kan kan? hoho

Replay, nya lah yaa! kecantikan yang sik dapat dinafikan hehe

Azie, itu ar. nasib kawan aku tuh cool je. kalau org spread rumour burok pasal aku, ade aku kerat2 org tu pastu kasi anjing makann nanti. lol

sheryzan said...

ish ishh~~xptt...jeles punya psl la tok...xsbr tnggu next episode tok~~