Saturday, March 6, 2010

ga ga oh la la~

ra ra ra ah ah, rama rama mah, ga ga oh la la, want your bad romance!

how i wish that was my ringtone,
only my phone only able to play certain annoying buzzing and ringing that is so uncool if heard by anybody, even to my parents (my mom's phone play some very latest song i guess, which i myself not familiar with, thanx to my sister yang rajin main my mom's phone., and my father? Sheila on 7 - Berhenti Berharap!) so i decided to turn my phone into silent mode almost all the time. no ringing, no vibrating.
so this explain why most of your phone call to me, unanswered.
by the way, not so many people want to reach me nowadays, so it doesn't really make a different.

just in case if you are wondering, +6281-809-638-169 is my number. feel free to call me, or text me, or disturb me, or whatever.

so i was surprised to know that my eldest sister, bought an iPhone, which the only reason why she bought it was so she could access her Facebook anytime, anywhere. she doesn't know if her iPhone, could download, install, and execute lots of application, berguna mahupun tidak.
so i checked hers. got some pre-installed software, such as compass.
great! so next time if she lost on her way back, her magic phone could tell her the basic direction; north, south, east, and south-east. did i missed any? watev4. u know how some uncivilized people still have the stupidest idea of we, the pretty and handsome people of east Malaysia, still living in the jungle, so iphone with compass is really useful.
oh! btw, her iPhone ringtone is some old-fashioned ringing, same as mine. so, the only different my phone and hers had are, hers got compass and can access Facebook. that's all.

i was also surprised to know that, my parents bought my brother a new DSLR, priced rm4500. crazy!!!
i don't know how he did it, because he did lost one camera, and the one after that, damaged. anak kesayangan lah kot?
i could afford the same thing with my money, or most people like to call it "the tax-payer money", or scholarship money, or just money, since few year back. but not as expensive lah. i almost bought a Sony alpha 200 priced rm1k plus, but cancel it, which made the apek at Bukit Bintang furious. hihi. so my parents, trying to be fair, offer me the same thing, only cheaper version. i reject and not so interested. because if they really wanted to act fair, they need to buy the same thing as many as 9 bijik. oh, because i have 9 siblings. and my parents are not that rich.
photography interested me. but i don't really have the time and money to involved seriously. so i decided to drop-off photography as a hobby, and embrace a new cheap, practical, and fun new hobby instead. makan tanpa mengira budaya, kaum, dan negara, kecuali agama. tetap makan makanan yang halal saja ok. oh, and fortified my all-time favorite hobby. Tidur. hehe.

now i am in a flight, on my route to KL.
there's something different which is hard to explain for my journey this time.
i don't feel the usual cramped-feeling as i used to.
people are a lot nicer than the usual passenger.
and the cabin-crew, didn't try to offer me anything in red-in-colour.
ohh, because i am on MAS. hihi.
people didn't berebut-berebut beratur untuk naik pesawat. everybody was cool. they didn't rush. one factor because we had our seat assigned kot?
but now kan, the other airline pun dah assigned seats, tapi kenapa passengers dia masih macam orang kampung, masih berebut-berebut, even dah banyak kali my assigned seat kena ambek some stupid people who i think, can't read, or their parents never taught them not to seat on somebody else seat.
hate it.
ohh, and if u have any plan of flying, i suggest u check for MAS ticket first. because my MAS fare is cheaper by rm20 compare to the other airline, and i don't have to hide if i wanted to eat my Fillet-O-Fish i bought before departure.



A+z+i+E = AziE said...

ak nk wat trip g bandung. ko jd tourist guide maw?? hek3x.. brape tiket ko g balik??

ruffey said...

check air asia, usually around rm400 return. tour guide? hoho. kalau aku tak sibuk dah lama aku buat heheh.

cek date 1st, then i check my sched lol

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