Thursday, February 18, 2010

what to do

i don't have a stable life, u see

one moment i feel like i owned the ATM, the next thing i know i ended up searching for coins on my bedroom floor, under the bed, inside all the pockets of my pants, under the cabinet, and the list goes on.
and the ultimate solution, a shamelessly phone call to my father, with a very sympathetic voice, asking for, err, extra money.

the same reason i used over and over
"dad, i was very stressed with all the business and hectic life here, so i ate a lot."

he don't really mind after all. yet, he won't be amused if he found out that McD is like my second home.

oleh itu, saye nak telefon ayah saye dahulu. sekian.

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Replay said...

same reason as mine