Friday, January 15, 2010

thank you

Disini penulis ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada dr. Bambang S., SpM., selaku preceptor, dan dr. M. Dicky, selaku liaison officer penulis selama penulis berada di Departemen Ilmu Kesehatan Mata.
I survive Ophthalmology!!! XD
terima kasih juga kepada Nuridrin, Jenny, dan Azie untuk ucap wish mereka pada entri yang lepas.
ophthalmology best, ada physics of optics (among my other favorite topics in physics, Wave, Radioactive, and Optics), & ada neuro.. this specialist is added into my list of consideration of specialist degree later, kalau ada rezeki =)

i had my structural objective oral case exam this morning, which went well, and i was the only candidate who dress, well, err, sharp.
(not like one time where my preceptor at O&G said this to me "surprised that u are a brilliant student, didn't really match with your appearance (undoubtably selekeh, as always)")
this morning, i was the only one wearing a necktie, and worn my sparkling-white white coat, which i hand-washed with full of determination. XD
seriously, anybody could tell the different, because compare to the coat that i worn yesterday, it was like comparing the whiteness of an A4 paper to kertas pembungkus belacan.

whenever somebody asked, i answered simply "hopefully this handsome face may clouding the emptiness inside (while me pointing to my head). XDDD

somehow, i manage to prove to the world that i am not totally useless and stupid after all, present my case smoothly (because i got the easiest case out of 13 cases), and due to the fact the my examiner was very orang yang sangat baek =D

although not so funny thing also happened.
i have my own way of study. i organized my reading materials (menipu sangatlah perkataan organize tu, sejak bila tak tau aku pandai organize2 neh, dad kasi organizer yang macam diary tu dulu, jadi buku lukisan plak. hehe), err, i mean i know what i am suppose to read.
so this morning, i bring my own notes (if u can call scribbles on a piece of paper as note) for the last minute overview, then this girl, come to me and ask "do u bring the photocopied-notes of X (which apparently are the key to everything, according to most people)?"
"no i don't" i answered.
then she said something yang buat aku menyirap. "oh. jadi kau tak perlu belajar lagi ye?" dengan nada sinis. wtf. apa maksud dia???
i know i might not be the most brilliant kid in the class, but one don't have to utter words like that making me looks so small ok, except if one have problem with me lah kan.

got others story, tapi this is a very public space, so nanti kantoi plak kan. hoho. i amazed with some people i never ever thought they would say something like this to me "i read your blog, hehe". or, "taknaklah makan kat KFC, aku tak bawak labcoat. hehe". my jaw dropped, my eyes rolled onto the floor! tak pernah aku promosi ok kat org2 ni.

sebagai penutup

yesterday, i saw a blind woman with her stick try to cross a 4 lane road... betapa hebatnya manusia itu tetap bergantung kepada diri sendiri... this is among the thing that makes me consider ophthalmologist as an option...


A+z+i+E = AziE said...

me up there?? hehe..

"...and worn my sparkling-white white coat, which i hand-washed with full of determination. XD"

a lil bit kagum ngan ko la weyh.... ^_^

Liyana said...

good, exam's over.. enjoy ker.
baper byj topik dlm satu entry hehe

sheryzan said...

haha.rasanya sebab entry mcm inila aku suka baca blog kau...

ruffey said...

op koz la kan. aku ni orgny mengenang jasa dan budi XDDD
serius wei labcoat tuh! aku berus setiap noda yg mencemari labcoat aku dgn rasa dan perasaan =P

kak Liyana,
exam over, 3 minggu kemudian exam lagi, pastu 3 minggu exam lagi, dan seterusny, so sebenarny, euphoria yg kekal utk 3 hari sajer. hehe

terimakasih XDDD bukan senang nak buat entri cam ni, kena ada peristiwa, kena ada gangguan emosi, dan kena ada enlightenment baru buleh. =P

sheryzan said...

ya..thats true...tu yg susah mau jumpa tulisan mcm ni..hehe...all d best for study~~