Friday, January 29, 2010


so this is another painting, which i try upon a piece of plain A4 paper. took me less than 2 hours, i guess because it was a small painting.
aku makin cinta sama oil-painting
distorted of image cause by poor photographic technic, because i use my web-cam. the sun is supposed to look really round =)

alhamdulillah, i survive another department.
somehow, my preceptor sound disappointed with me, because she were hoping i should score better than i got, only i don't care much, as long as i passed, that is more important.
i think i was her 'teacher pet' too. hehe.
well, i think i have this talent of being anybody's pet. no!! i never have any intention to become a sycophant, or kaki bodek whatsoever. i don't talk sweet, if it is not necessary. i am the most honest person u ever met (and this statement is false, lol).
she did said something about me nakal, but clever. hurm, alhamdulillah =)
she said i can explain complex concept of a disease, and i know things, but i don't remember 5 criteria of whatever, which most people said it is easier to memorize than to understand of what i can explain.

hate memorizing.

i think i am alone...
that's y i actively writing blog, or online almost 24/7. the only reason is because the people that i comfortable with are far away from me.
let's just say, i don't have 'friends' here.
hurm, if i can live with it for the past 4 years, why not for less than 2 years more?


Replay said...

the bark look a bit weird to my eyes.but this one is better !bcos i love sunset!!n kaler2 daun ya kacak.u really shud try a canvas

Replay said...

lukis la rumah atas air yg slalu kat sabah ya

oranglidi said...

haa.. wa penah tgk lu lukis oil printing dulu


Liyana said...

cantik.. i can't even draw orang lidi right. haha
sekarang ni just drawing for my kids' sake.
"mommy nak alligator"
"mommy nak umbrella"

ruffey said...

Replay, thanx. hehe. that is so hardddd lah kampung air. how if i draw kampung air minus the kampung, so i draw air only? XDDD

oranglidi, jiwa seni pun, seni yg amatur, seni yg mediocre. aku teringin jd pro, mcm bila cakap ngan kawan, aku bleh kata "nak blah pi studio dulu lah, sambung karya" heheh

kak Liyana, terima kasih =)
sama lah, anak buah saya pun slalu macam tu. tapi dia mintak lukis benda2 dahsyat la, cam Keretaapi, transformers, dan macam2 kartun yg dia tgk kat TV. heheh