Wednesday, January 27, 2010

it wasn't really my 1st time

thanx for all your concerns, guys and pretty ladies.
although i had a very embarrassing moment few days back, it wasn't really my 1st time, in other words i am so used to it XDDD

have u ever shouted like a crazy handsome-boy to someone u don't know "PENCURII! PENCURRI!!" at a mall, turn out that someone was your friend's friend who was actually did some f-ing stupid joke pretending he was stealing something from your friend???

or being shouted by a teacher in front of all students?

or mistakenly ... this story is nevermind.

tomorrow is another exam. Oral & Dental Medicine, which i found pretty bored, because most of the diseases are anatomically related.
anatomy is boring, just like geography, mostly learn about what is located at what part of the body. boring stuff disinterested me. disinterest lead to ignorance, which lead to stupidity, which lead to the same reaction i always had before any additional maths exams.

*sambil mengunyah cokelat-cokelat Cadbury's imported from Australia yang dijual di Labuan dengan harga yang murah, dan sangat lazat untuk mengurangi tekanan perasaan, sambil mengotori keyboard MacBook dengan sisa-sisa cokelat dijari*

my bilik sewa currently, is so semak, anybody entering my room could get lost easily. hehe.
cepatlah weekend. dah 3 weekend aku tangguh utk mengemas2 XDDD

please, wish me luck,
i guess i really need LUCK and lesser brain for tomorrow exam T.T


Replay said...

good luck!

A+z+i+E = AziE said...

gambatte ne rafshan sama...

BoZaki said...

do you know what it the latest risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma published in New england J? ahaha....this is not serious but rather bangang2 sikit tapi true la.

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