Wednesday, December 2, 2009

rubbish idea - fancy rubber

1st of all, condom didn't come in variety of sizes, because of it is made from latex, which has outstanding elastic properties; its tensile strength exceeds 30 MPa, and may be stretched in excess of 800% before breaking. the advantage of this is, one wouldn't need to ask whether a specific 'fitting' size is available or not before buying one. its free size yo. hehe

other than contributing to increase of incidence of unmarried sex, condom do have multiple good purposes actually.

1. masak nasi impit
- its festive time, and instant nasi impit is out of stock? fret not! add 1/2 a cup of rice into a condom, and make some holes throughout the condom surface, and brings to boil. there goes your nasi impit!

2. ais krim batang
- whatever flavor u want, its up to you. prepare the mix according to your taste, the simplest is air sirap. pour into the condom, tie it up, and froze.

3. Ikat rambut
- don't use rubber band to tie up your hair, instead, use condom. attractive colour (some with additional aroma: stroberi, orange, grape, rendang, or petai. its your choice) and lubricated, it won't cause breakage of hairs

4. protective rubber for phone.
- put your phone in a condom. it will provide protection from dust, and scratch too.

5. Condoms can be used to hold water in emergency survival situations. no kidding.

6. condom can protect valuable belonging in emergency situation. flood? worrying that your collection of Harry Potter series will get wet? use condom.

7. balloon.

8. waist-band.

9. chewing-gum.

10. condom also can be used for stupid jokes, like this entry.


BoZaki said...

Disappointed because you did not mention the true purpose of condom. It was not use to increase the incidence of unmarried sex... it is use as a contraception and the one most important thing use of condom to day is to stop the spread of HIV which killed millions of people every year..much more comparing to Influenze A mortality.

Countries all over the world now are starting campaign of giving free condoms to everyone to stop HIV. As you all know, we are losing in this battle. No country even a muslim or a 'very good people who don't do sex before marry' country win in this battle.

So, the statement of condom increasing unmarried sex is not appropriate for sexual education purpose - to educate young people before the wholr world got wiped out.

Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh.... Say No to HIV.

jenny ngeian said...

HAHA!lawak!ok la..i'll start using condom from now on