Wednesday, December 16, 2009

gotong royong perdana

well, just finish my exam.
i think i did ok, like, i gave 6 answers when the question only asked for 3.
lagi banyak aku bagi jawapan, lagi tinggi lah kan kebarangkalian untuk sangkut betul?

lol. medicine is nothing like that, there's no place for teknik cuba jaya. medicine is exact. there's no room for game, because if doctor makes mistake, patient dies. oops, ter-over serious plak.
apa2pun, kau nak ke jumpa doktor yang kasi banyak2 ubat, dan doktor tu berharap salah 1 ubat tu ngam utk sakit kau? kalau tak nak, jangan jumpa aku nanti. XD

whatever. important of all, i am out from Obsetric& Gynecology!!! for u who don't know what's that, O&G is what u call as Pakar Sakit Puan in our language. by the way, i want to emphasize that O&G is no porn, so u don't have to giggle foolishly (as i used to. hehe) every single time u hear it.

for those who learn O&G by heart, every single birth is a miracle of life.
but for me, its a torture, mentally and physically.

one time, i got to sit next to an expecting mother just to calm her down, because she was shrieking and shouting loudly every single time she had a contraction. even people from the next building were able to hear it!
funny, she didn't realize kot, one time she shout this out loud"dokterrr, saya mauu beraaakkk!!!!!!!"
by the way, it wasn't solely because of the pain cause by the contraction. i understand that the mother had problems,which interfere with her psychological process, lead to exaggeration of, err, what leh? hehe. her husband doesn't care for her, her son was sick at home, and she didn't have money to pay for the hospital bill (which this supposedly wasn't a problem at all, because she is covered by the gov. policy). jadi kesakitan mental dan fizikal dia, dia zahirkan dgn menjerit macam tuh tau.
berdesing telinga aku.

funny enough, my friend suggesting to become a specialist in this field later, because he said i've got talent?
i admit i might know more than them, but that's because i spent most of my time reading, in order to avoid the ward.
so while others practicing their theory of knowledge over real situation, i sank my face behind those books reading about cortisol, which i am so sure patients won't even bother to know the effect of cortisol in initiating parturition.

while my friends discussing about management of postpartum hemorrhage, i voluntarily interrupt their discussion by telling them that Mumtaz Mahal also died because of pospartum hemorrhage, so great was the Shah Jahan's love for his wife that he built the world's most beautiful tomb in her memory, the Taj Mahal.

eh, i just realize that my title of this entry is gotong royong perdana.
anybody want to join me?
the place is my room. join me in gotong royong perdana to kemas-kemas my room yang since when i can't even remember, tak dibersihkan. apalagi musim ujian ni. my laundry is like avalanche already, one might suffocate and cannot find the way out if trapped under it.

some seniors gave me useful tips to pass exam with flying colours in a Dept. X, if the examiner is dr. Y.
all i need to do is undone the top 3 buttons of my shirt, and roll-up the sleeves, so that my bulu can be seen easily by dr.Y. dr. Y is a he, and he like he with lots of bulu. get it? hehe.
they said that i have advantage (of being bulu-er), so use it. XDDD
i admit that i am berbulu, but i believe u still can differentiate which one is me, which one is orang utan, if u put us side-by-side k.
suggestion of my senior will be considered later XD

ok, this entry is pointless, i know.



Replay said...

malas la nak tolong. baru lepas bergotong-royong arini..haha

Mohd. Zaki said...

dlu aku kena sound sebab kena minta 5 jawapan, bagi 6. Minta 4 bagi 6 jugak. last2 aku learn lesson.

Sebabnya, in medicine, kalau jawapan salah kena potong markah. hahaha. rugi letak banyak2.

Samalah alasan dorang sebab tak mau doktor guna kaedah cuba jaya, tapi... kalau aku tak guna kaedah ni..kosong la paper aku sebab semua benda tak tau..lupa.hhaha.