Friday, October 2, 2009

sewaktu cuti panjang yang lepas, aku berpeluang untuk berjumpa rakan-rakan yang sudah lama tidak berjumpa. (kalau pemeriksa SPM baca ayat ni, mesti dia terus kasi aku A1 kan? =P)

as i always say this every time we gathered together "today is the happiest day so far"

u know what people say about a picture worth a thousand words?
so my last entry, i put 4 pictures altogether, so 4 thousands words already? hehe

among friends that i'd chances to met was this 1 guy, X (bukan nama sebenar) i know from my junior high school.

we weren't close back then, and i think i remember him until recently, because i tend to remember bad memories better than good memories. trust me.

*i met one of my kindergarten ex-classmate after 17 years, and i still remember him because he didn't manage to be in the top3, and he cried. omg, tak dapat nombor pun nak nanges, aku dapat nombor belas2, ada aku kesah?~ but he didn't remember anything about me. i guess its ok, because until now, i am nobody. hiks*

so back to the story, i remember this X because he like to, err, disturb/kacau me. i was totally innocent back then (even until now?) so i didn't do anything, except swearing in Chinese words lah, because X is Chinese, but didn't really speak Chinese, but like me, only understand Chinese swearing words. haha. he said he only remember he did disturb me back at that time, but he didn't remember what he had done. let al those things be a history.

although he looked just like any immature-justreachpuberty-adolescent-confuseteenager-samseng during that time, i guess i did saw kindness in his eyes (hyperbola is applied here). dia kaki pukul dulu di sekolah o.k.

like i told u, we weren't close, and i leave that school in early 2002 for a better future, to Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan. cett =P

so, i wasn't really a memorable guy. siapa2 ingat aku walau sudah lama tidak berjumpa, dia lah kawan sejati aku, because that's mean, i am somebody to somepeople lah, although i still think that i am nobody? =P

last 2-3 years, terserempak with him, dan dia masih ingat aku! wowie, i am somebody =P but didn't chat for long, just changing info what he is doing, what am i doing. i guess what he said that time really well-soldered onto my head, because he said "i am a gigolo now"
(like i said, i remember bad things better)
but he was kidding. he was studying in KL, and i guess it is something, because he didn't stop at form 5, and i was relieved for that.
bagi aku, orang macam dia (kononnya samseng), kalau sambung belajar, memang betul2 berniat untuk belajar. sebab mereka tersedar.

until recently, we weren't really kept in touch. found X on FB, and he treated me like his old friends. and i am glad for that. hehe.

weirdly enough, there were some similarities between us. i wonder y. he was samseng. i was innocent =P

but it was fun and fine to hang out with him. to be honest, i was worried at first, because most high-school pseudo-samseng turn out to be real-samseng after leaving high-school.
i am not used to be friend with samseng, because i only kawan dengan orang baik-baik sahaje, like u, my readers =P
turn out to be, he is now a real decent guy. he reach maturity than anybody i ever know (about my age lah).
while my plan for the future is to buy PS3 and I-Phone, he talked about becoming the best dad one could have. see the different? hahah

things currently totally different. yeah, i guess he just confused back then at high school, but those things i guess that turn him into what he is now.

one evening, we talk about life. hehe. really deep of me bah kan? =P
listen to his story, like listening to myself talking... my brain processing all his words, and that's explained almost everything about him. i am not trying to be some pseudo-empathetic here, because
somehow, we'd been in the same deep-shit, that is too private to be shared here.
only then, i understand why there were similarities between us (not the pseudo-samseng part ok =P).

he planned his life well. he taught me something about life. he is my friend.

All the best for him. Amin =)


oranglidi said...


oranglidi said...

la. x acilah wat entri inglish! wa dah terbeliak mata. hahaa.

ala, die samseng pun, still ade hati.. insyallah berubah lah satu ari nanti.

wa penah jadi samseng dulu.

ruffey said...

oranglidi, awak pengomen tunggal! hehe
bet0ol betol betul!
slagi dia tak samseng ngan aku, boleh je kawan. hehe.
ko samseng gak ke? aku igt ko penyayang, sbb ko pernah tulis entri pasal junior ko kat asrama? hehe

oranglidi said...

haha. samseng penyayang barangkali! cis. hehe