Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Campus of Matriculation College to be Moved- Rumour Said

HAPPY PLACE, Sept 16 - Campus of Matriculation College that currently erected in a place called Goosebumps Valley, is said to be moved to a happier place, some rumour had said.
While people kept complaining problems since the complex started its operation in 2002/2003, only few actions had been taken, mostly by giving "so-called" promises and false-dreams to all those dreamers.
Moving the campus to a happier place is a drastic action, mainly targeting to ease the through-the-roof mental and nervous breakdowns among students, especially the rate were doubled in the morning at the time where most people defecating, only to find out there's no water to flush down the 'by product' of some not delicious yucky foods served at the cafeteria eaten previous night, and other routine that used water as well, that not worth mentioning in this prestige news.

The new location, located next to Empangan Bakun, will perfectly overcome shortage of water supply, like, if the new complex develop the same problem as its brother, students only need to walk a walking distance to the Empangan Bakun to draw some water from the dam, with their pails of course.

The new campus worth of RM73millions, installed with facilities such as private dating-spot, cinemas, and computer labs installed with latest LimeWire, BitTorrent, and no blocking to Facebook, indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, and semi in/outdoor swimming pool. The dating spots, ranging from private bed room to under the staircase, is said to be the best dating place ever, and will not be bothered by anybody (because it is private), yet actually it is installed with cctv, or phone camera by the users of the spots, to capture every precious moment between the lovers. If they are lucky enough, they could downloaded their own video from the internet, or from their friends' phones.

Cinema consist of 5 studios, as a response to a random survey over thousands of students of the complex asking what this Happy Place is lacking, the most frequent answer was "Cinemas!". Students that came from Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, and Miri, but not other places (we never heard this complaint came out from anybody from Bario or Sipitang though), kept complaining that the Happy Place indeed a boring place because having no cinema. Yet they were easily located at pubs and night-clubs, and having the thought silently in their mind "this is heaven, alcohol is cheaper than juice!"

What good can computer bring to mankind when one cannot access facebook? the idiom of the now. it is so true, even lecturers encouraging their students to interact with them using Facebook, with hidden intention, to caught any students that says bad thing about them on Facebook. But sometimes, even the lecturers post stupid immature comments or status on their Facebook, which lead to lost of respects toward them. Nevertheless, the board of administration is agree to allow Facebook in the campus, because they themselves are so eager to check what's new in their Farm Ville, or Fashion Wars.

The source of the news also said, allowance of student will be raised up to RM2000.00 per semester. However, professor of economy said this will not do any significant changes to the life quality of the students, as the price of the new handphone to be bought by the students is proportional to the amount of the allowance, left only cents in their account.

p/s- some things written in this news were true incident, some were just fictional...

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