Monday, June 29, 2009

Hari Malas Sedunia

or, just me. hiks

curently watching Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (i am not sure for how many times already, i just love this movie. u think i'm a geek? i know) while typing this entry. yes, i multitasking yo.
i am an expert in multitasking, especially exist in lecture hall and absence in mind. tee-hee

story of the yesterday

i watch transformers 2 for the second time yesterday with some friends, the reason was because i missed the first 7 minutes of the movie during the 1st time. nvm, ticket was cheap, weekdays estimation for about rm3.30, weekend for rm5.00.

oh, and i just realized something, they was warning posted on the wall of the premise regarding appropriate attire when entering the cinema. it mention something about "in school uniforms aren't allowed in the premise". that's it. so i think it is o.k. to wear lab coat there because the warning only about school uniform. oops? hehe

at night, i was blog-surfing of some blogs that i never intended to check, blog of some people that i know.
and o.m.g.
suddenly i felt ashamed of my blog. (tipu)
while my blog is all about condemning, rubbishing, gibberishing, swearing, and condemning again (disclaimer: grammars in this blog are not set to the standard of 1119)
their blogs were all about good things.

1. About how girl and boy aren't suppose to ride a motorbike together, because it's a sin.
(i don't even know how to ride a bike properly, let alone motorbike? heheh. so this has totally nothing to do with me)

2. About how one so ambitious, wanted to become the president of a country. (at first, i really saw potential of him, until i notice that he just can't control his emotion, once he was like getting really mad at me, because of batik, wayang kulit, anwar ibrahim, and nirmala bonat in Malaysia. if he really one day become the president, i guess there would be a war?)

3. About how one minor thesis project is so interesting, with intention to educate the race of humanity (i just interested in getting my minor thesis published, so i would get credit for it)

4. and some sort of medical stuff. (the only medical-related entry i posted here was about Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, not because i want to educate people, but that time i think it was funny, because one of my tutors telling me that this disease acquired because having too much sex. hehe)

somehow, nobody writes about Global Warming?

see? sadly, my blog says nothing in conjunction with my intellect (may be cause i am not one?) haits. whatever. as long as i am happy.

and i felt asleep.

the story of today

i wake up, and try to get to sleep again, because it was 9.30 a.m., and it's sunday, and it's a day which i don't have to do anything, beside menjadi seorang pemalas yang sangat malas.

but i couldn't get back to my sleep, so i get out from my bed, and listen to this techno song (from the game Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) 7thMix) titled Max300 so loud to get a mood, but no. no mood. because i was too hungry. so i made myself a cup of nice and delicious instant chocolate-milk drink from two sachet that could makes two cup actually, because one sachet is just tasteless. why i tell u guys about this i also don't know why, this just so not important.
talking about 'not important'? so the rest of entries in my blog. hiks.
then i get back to sleep again, and wake up later at 12.00 noon.

watch 2 episode of Simpsons on Dvd, and went out to buy some potatoes and onions to make delicious snacks of potatochips and onion rings.
singah sebentar ke game-center, and play alone a round of DDR.
alone. like an autistic. because my game-mate was busy today. not everybody would like to play that game. only freaks. freaks like me.
that game always hurts my legs, and my wallet.

already give my father a call earlier, asking for some money. heheh

went to the best restaurant of masakan Padang - Rumah Makan Fajar Indah and indulge myself with dishes of paru goreng and dendeng sapi. sedaappp!

go back, and watch some more DVDs.

1st movie - 7 Pounds
Will Smith. great movie. from the title, suggesting it's a movie about somebody try to loose some weight, but no. nothing about weight.
it's a story about a man who try to redeem himself for causing lost of 7 lives. later he finds 7 strangers, and helps them in a strange way. giving out corneas to stranger?
i'm not a fan of movies plays with emotions. because i am too sensitive i could drop my tears over sad-movies (no, not some stupid hindustan movies that having people popped-up out of nowhere dancing and singing around whenever somebody's feel sad, happy, or getting married. problems can be solved by thousands of ways, but by dancing? hell-no)
but my friend try so hard recommend me this movie, which at last i fell for it, and yeep, love this movie.
i wanted to tell more, but i can't, because u should watch this movie!

2nd movie - Transformers
o.k. great thing about this movie is the special effects. but not the story line. come on, watching a movie like this is to be entertained, not to digest some political views regarding issues of Iraq, "U.S. as the police of the world", others.
still like the cartoon better than the movie.

3rd DVD - several episodes of The Simpsons.
always funny. hidden real-life messages is everywhere in the cartoon. my favorite series, after Friends.

4th movie - Star Wars I, and still playing on the TV. currently the scene where Anakin is having a pod-race race.
this movie is my favorite movie of all, besides Puteri Gunung Ledang, Laskar Pelangi, Shrek 1-3, X-Men, Queen of Langkasuka, and Johny English.

besok merupakan hari malas ke-3. yeay!!

selamat bermalas-malas semua

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