Sunday, June 14, 2009

another story about KFC

i don't kept track of what i have had post here, due to very limited capacity of my brain. instead, i am so good at remembering not so important and useless facts.

so probably i might post anything again and again.

-Story 1-
when i was in high school, we had a ritual every friday night, where students and teachers, wardens especially, gathered together, having bottles of water in front of us, and started reciting Yassin, and doa.

some said it was a bida'ah. until now, i am not sure.

and me and some friends, having much troubles in the time of adolescent and so reckless, having our own ideas about the ritual. we didn't think much back then.

person A: why a bottle of plain water? why? can we use sirap instead? or Milo?

person B: i don't know. is it o.k. if we replace the water with KFC? i mean, water is tasteless. KFC is nice.

Me: i rather use nasi briyani. but that would makes people not concentrating on their recitation. i think so. but can i really use nasi briyani?

person B: oh? Mentos! its small people won't notice about it.

that was it. everybody have their favorites. hehe

p/s- dah lama tak buat...

-Story 2-
(utk cerita 2 ni, tiada kaitan sama sekali dgn kfc)

okay, just to clarify again, i have nothing against tabligh now. if i ever didn't like them then, it was once upon a time. and i have my own reasons too.

remember how i told u guys about how i evade from being 'confronted' by them?
it was because they love to visit my room, about 3 times a week!

so here's the idea. there were two blocks of dormitories for boys in my matrix. each blocks consists of 4 floors. each floors consist of 29 rooms. can u calculate? 232 rooms total for boys.

but these kids, they really love to visit me compare to other rooms. 1 in 232 rooms. 3 times a week.

reason? it was easy. they didn't like me. some of them have personal issue with me. not because they so eagerly to bring me back to the path of light.

let me explain to u. whenever somebody want to talk about religion to me, i would like to have a 2 way conversation. a discussion. not some kind of lectures that made me felt like 'i-was-so-sinful-i-can't-have-my own-opinions-u-better-stab-me-right-away'.

hey, i'd been good to them ok at first. they gave salam, and i answered. i invite them into my room, offer them chairs and drinks.

it went well at first.

only about after a third visit to my room, i started to feel bored. they kept telling me the same story. the story that they had recites it hundreds time.
a story about "sekecil-kecil iman adalah mengalihkan duri di jalan".

so i asked them to tell me other stories. or preach. whatever.
and they did.

below are reasons why they love to visit me.

later, they switch places among themselves. no more same guys and same story. i was visited by this fat guy, which happened to be my lecture-mate. i know he didn't like me, and it was ok because i didn't like him too.

so one time, that guy visited me and told me about one hadith, which i had a very big doubt on it, and i speak up my mind. clearly, he takes critics personally. omg, i just want to have a discussion. he didn't answer my question, and seems like he was mad at me.

i didn't care.

my friend told me that he overheard that guy talk to other fellow tabligh on their way to the mosque about how he didn't like me. waah. i never know that tabligh can hate people eh? i thought they suppose to keep preaching, regardless people perceptions toward them kan?
but i didn't have any perception at first, i just want an answer for my doubt.
somehow, i didn't really remember about that hadith.

during one time, i remember that that guy told me about a story of killing cicak and get pahala.

i don't believe about it. so i said "how can our prophet teach us to kill animal that didn't do any harms to us? even if the story about how cicak almost cause our prophet to get caught by the enemy was true, that particular cicak that was guilt, not his descendant, why we become so revengers?"

and that answer made him really mad.

(i did ask an ustaz at my matrix about the cicak story, just to clarify. my ustaz told me there wasn't such thing)

every visit have the same purpose actually, that was to ask people to go to the mosque, and solat berjemaah, Isya' particularly (their visiting time was after maghrib, before isya).

one night, i speak my mind again. i told them
"don't u guys think its weird that u guys only ask me to go the mosque for solat jamaah for Isya' only? u (pointing to a guy). u stay 2 doors away from my room. why u never bother to ask me to go the mosque for solat jamaah for other time? Asar? even Subuh? why?
and to be honest, i sometimes can't accept u guys. i mean, for example, u know X? he is among u guys. doing this all the time, but this thing that he do, didn't change who he is. i always overheard him swearing bad words. that was one bad attitude.
so at least, can u guys change urself first before try to change others? i know about 'listen to the truth, even from a child', or 'listen to what is being delivered, and not to who is delivered', so attitude supposedly wasn't a big deal? but for me, attitude indeed a big deal. i look up upon good examples."

to be continue...


BoZaki said...

The problem with tabligh nowadays is not their doing something wrong but most of them think they are always right.

They are too young and they are too optimist regarding what they say rather than going inside others shoes and reflect the thing so that everyone can understand what they say.

i didn't hate tabligh. I fact a weeks ago i met a tabligh which is older and already have his own book. yet i disagree of something he said bt i agree of most of them. they way he talk, does not show he is better than us and he always said that when he was young, he done so many sins, girls, alcohol, club, gangs, and now he see the truth. The way he talk, even i feel bored about them but yet keep me listening and looking him in the face and my heart tells me that this man have done a lot of things and his heart now is pure with Islam.

But what about a second year university student that give lectures in my room saying that this thing is 'dunia, dunia'. How would they know all the courses in the university is 'Dunia' if they are still a second years old nerd and still not graduating?

THey even complain that Graduation day celebration should not be held because if promotes sins. They even did not graduate yet and how would they know?

And most of all, i agree with yo shan, that someone need to change himself before trying to change others.

Try to talk with experienced tabligh, it would be different. The young one...umm... budak-budak, layan sajalah.

BoZaki said...
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tory's book said...

hmmm,, bener banget tuw,,
best way to make someone think to change by giving them example how to do so,,,
action more then just say a thing,,
n actually we cant change someone, we just can make them think of their attitude,,, n its their job to change their self,,,

I agree with u that communication should be two way,, we cant force them to listen our way to think,, but we also have to listen what their opinion about it.
SO,,, communication created...

if they still cant accept our thought so just stay as a friend like u used to,,, dont leave them behind,, coz it means u just tell them the truth that u r not really want to be their friend,, just coz of something u want them to do..


pReciOus shaRihaNa said...

xyah ckp psl tabligh,
naqibah kt skul dlu yg brabes preach psl mcm2, 'dont do this and that' pun, they end up worst than students yg 'normal' and not 'kinda religios and knowledgeable' mcm dorg.

emo lak.

BoZaki said...

But don't ever hate tabligh. What they do is actually a holy thing to do. But we are free to express our disappointment to them.

Two way communication.

ruffey said...

zaki, agree w u.
somehow, i star to have an idea that these 'kids' think that people not included in their very own 'world' are sinful, and they start to lose their respects toward otherw. for example, if they think graduation celebration is sinful, they must think everybody involve as sinful? including academic staffs / dean / v.c. / prof/ dr. etc?
tak pandai agama tak bermaksud tak layak dihormati kan? =D

tori, thanx.
lagi2 ttg komunikasi kan? heheh.

sharihana, sbnarnya masalah kat bbrp individual, tp bila emosi dah mengaburi kita, we tend to generalize our assumption. krn 2-3 org tabligh yg hampeh, tetiba aku kuar statement aku tak ska tabligh, padahal ada je yg baek dgn aku, yg aku terima kehadiran mereka =D
aku dah tak berprasangka buruk penghujung waktu kat matrix dulu. aku jumpa ustaz sayuti (betul ek aku eja?) mintak penjelasan dari dia, aku siap kata kat dia aku tak ska tabligh. hahah. tp penjelasan dia menyedarkan aku =D

kesimpulan, aku bukan tak suka tabligh, aku cuma tak suka beberapa org dalam kelompok tabligh tu je.

zaki, aku setuju lagi dgn kau.
tu pasal aku buat pernyataan past-tense. 'dulu aku pernah tak suka tabligh'. tp skrg aku sedar yg perbuatan mereka tu baik =D

pReciOus shaRihaNa said...

ya. its true.
its not about d whole community or the thing they preach but its about attitudes of certain ppl in the community or group.

'nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga'


dan darby said...

i dont understand. what is tabligh?

well ppl always like to be hipocrite right? so no shocker there. however this story really sounds like rafshan in action