Sunday, May 17, 2009

"how many friends do u have on facebook?"

that's just the shallowest question i think ever asked to me.

penting ke berapa byk 'kawan' kat facebook?

facebook is not a populairty contest, omg.

we are not in high school anymore, where popularity mean so much to us.

somehow, somewhere, some people would like to announce to the world

that they are the most famous of them all,

having total number of friends, even more than 2000?

the important thing for me is not how many friends i have on facebook,

but how many friends does really care for me

like u who read my blog now.

u read because u care kan?

ce wahh.

alamak, besok ujian dah mula

kalau cam tu, aku nak blah dulu, pergi makan. lapar.


n u r i d r i n said...

goodluck ujian!
aku tiba di blog kau sebab sekarang sedang kisah.

BoZaki said...

when you become mature and mature, your friend will be decreased, but your real friend will increase.

A good friend is better than a hundred friend.

Ujian lagi ka shan, aku kat swak ni. Kuching. Sebulan elektif posting kat hospital kuching ni.