Thursday, April 16, 2009



Snippet 0.5

I giggled crazily after reading Nivvy's comment, saying that i am charisma and everything. 

it's not like i don't like it, instead, i do LOVE it. 

i just can't handle compliments very well. i don't hide it. i flaunt it at every chances i get.  

and now, i am blogging about it. heheh.

one compliment is all i need to make my day a wonderful one. heheheh.

see, i never think that i am a great person at anything.

but people's compliments are important to me, to motivate me. hiks.

it was like in high school, where i hate bio at first (and now l am studying medicine?? how irony) because my marks almost always hampir gagal, or gagal.

one day, i scored 90-something on my objective paper of biology, and people were saying nice thing to me, even the teacher.

aku pun kembanglah, apa lagi. 

since that day, i start to love biology. hiks. oh ya, i score 90-something not because i was genius, it was because the questions set was the same with the questions set from my reference book, which i'd done earlier. heheh.

the same things (about compliments of people, not about questions that i'd answered previously) happened to other subject, such as Chemistry, and Bahasa Inggeris. 

Thanks Nivvy, although we never met, and u don't really know me, i reckon it was sincere ehh? heheh. 

Snippet 1

"shan, ntar lo di Malaysia kerjanya sama pemerintah (government), apa sama swasta, apa buka praktek sendiri?"

"pemerintah kali ya, soalnya yg biaya gue kan JPA"

"gajinya kecil dong kalau sama pemerintah? lo ga mau ke swasta atau buka praktek?"

"gue ga terlalu mikirin soal itu lho. yg penting, gue bisa beli Playstation 3..."

aku tak bercita-cita tinggi pun. hiks

Snippet 2

lately, i found myself lost in the world of seriousness.

i mean, i wasn't like this when i was in high school.

or is it because i am not in hi school anymore, that's y i am more arse than i used to be.

like most people said, age of 21, age of independence? key to independence?

independence my arse.

how old am i now? what the heck, age is just a number.


i become more serious, and i reject and can't accept any disobedient.

as example, i felt repulsed with people who didn't attend lectures because they think they were cool, or just because they were lazy, and having others to sign the attendance for them. honestly, i don't think they would become good doctors with such attitude.

but who am i to judge? i intentionally missed almost 50 days out of 183 school-day when i was in form 4. heheeee.

so whatever kind of person they want to be, what the eff, its not my life.

and for me, i myself wasn't sure what kind of doctor i am going to be, because i have my backup plan if i wasn't succeed to become a successful one.

what's my backup plan?

singing kot. heheh.

i am not an optimist, i am a pessimist. i don't get my hope high, yet i am hoping for to best, and prepare for the worse.

Snippet 3

we are going to enter clinical year soon (wish me all the best k),

so my batch are going to have some kind of batch dinner later in June.

this is so not my thing.

i hate it whenever the word 'involvement is compulsory' came out from the mouth of our future politician (because some of them were so good in manipulating words) the committee of the event, because,

i don't do thing that require me to pay certain amount of money.

i mean, if the reason is to make a memory to be remembered together, do great memory really require u to spend a lot of money? 

i was not born with silver spoon, so yeah, i am stingy and everything, and i believe that happy memory are not suppose to be expensive, all the requirements are to be with the right people. whenever u r together with the right people, every single thing u do together is a great memory for u to be remembered.

(alasan org kedekut, tapi make sense kan? heheh)

oh ya, and obviously, i am not comfortable with some of my batch mates, as usual, i also known as the person of crisis.

i know most people doesn't like me, which i don't really care, because it's not what people think of me become a matter to me, it's what i think of people. heheh

so, no point la kann kalau aku pegi pun?

i rather spend my money on chocolates, and ice-creams, and shoes.

tapi aku mungkin pegi juga lahh. hoho

tinuk la nanti.



giggled crazily is ok la then pengsan kan..haha...
i wanna tell u the truth, i m really sincere about compliments tu...hehe
yes, i admit that, i do not know u, but smtimes ppl said that, u can read ppl by his/her characters...mayb u'll ask me back, what characters? ur writting style, ur soul in ur articles, and how u expressed urself using words..
panjang la ceramah....

About ur dinner, i have an opinion la...jgn marah lak..
1) dinner bukan hari-hari, setahun sekali je, coklat or ice cream , we can buy everyday kan...
2) pasal, "i believe that happy memory are not suppose to be expensive, all the requirements are to be with the right people"...yup, i agree with u...
3) kadang-kadang expensive memory more valuable.hehe...kalau tak caya try dtg KK, nanti kita p expensive dinner..hehe...kidding!
4) pasal, u dislike ur friends tu, i do not have comments, because i sure, u know, what are u trying to do!

oranglidi said...

haha.. snippet tu ape?

malas wa nak guglle

~|r|a|n|d|y|~ said...

damn u ruffey!!
(full of jealousy)

Kelapa...Pecah said...

ahaha... aku sebenarnya mintak posting kat labuan tp belum tau dapat ke tidak
next year nye posting.. just wait n see.....kalo dah kat sane tu leh la aku buat gathering untuk labuan plak ...ahahah

crimsonskye said...

As one of your former classmates, I believe I can also attest to that particular compliment... haha.

Re: Snippet 2.
Umur bertambah, tapi usia berkurang.

ruffey said...


waa~ thanx heheh
pasal dinner tu aku pg lo kot, dgn syarat aku diizinkan utk perform nyanyi mlm tu, kalau tak, aku tak nak dtg. hahahah

snippet tu, err, apa ekk?

dgn intonasi dan nada ala2 Camelia spm04,

"Jangan Jelez~"


good luck with ur man hunting, ehh, job hunting =D
jom kite gathering kat labuan. aku, ko, combi. heheh

thanx so much =D
betul la kata2 ko tu utk Snippet 2 =D