Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2 ekor nyamuk

baru cerita pasal riak kan?


ni aku nak cerita pasal aku plak.

perkara kecik yg buat aku tersenyum sipu

yesterday we had a lab on parasitology, topic on mosquito as vector of diseases.

so there are different type of mosquitos potentially carries viruses / parasites / etc, and these phatogens can be transmitted to the human by mosquito bite.

the task is, we need to draw certain part of different mosquitos that are important in differentiating them. i think there were about 8 slides total we need to observe under the microscope,

but i only managed to draw two, and i didn't draw the certain parts that we are supposed to draw, i came out with the whole part of the mosquito, because i never enjoy lab act so much as i did yesterday. we get to draw things!!! heheh


people kept passing me by, and saying nice thing to me

"waa, artistic nye, cantek la lukisan engkau"
"omG. rafshan, u really seems to enjoy this, and ur drawing are good, while others try to avoid drawing them"
dan lain2 compliments yg aku accept dgn senang hati. hehehh.

even one tutor look at my drawing and said "kayaknya kamu udah salah jurusan ni.. kenapa ga ke fakultas arsitek hehe" (seems like u r at wrong faculty / course, why u didn't took architecture? hehe)

oh ya, one thing is, i like compliments very well. hehehh

i don't think my drawing wasn't that great, only mediocre, or least?

as I always said, "if i am great at a thing, i should have made money out of it, instead of spending 6 years here studying about human".


so these two are the drawing that i made, and the subjects on slides that i drew was observed under a microscope.

gigih tak?? heheh

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BoZaki said...

KO patut jadi pathologist la shan, aku bab2 melukis paling benci dulu. Paling benci kena suruh lukis histology carcinoma la, apa2 la. Ar... kan skrang bleh amik gambar, tak yah la lukis. hohohohoho. mau blajarla melukis macam ko.

Ui shan, kenapa Universiti kamu suh bayar rm800 kalau pi buat elektif. ya ka? Kejamnya. Tak suka student universiti malaysia datang ka? ahahhahaha.