Monday, February 23, 2009

apakah itu "benign prostate hyperplasia"?

i just finished revising some material about benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).
fret not the jargon. it's mean, male's G-spot enlargement.
unlike penile enlargement, no, it is not a good thing to have BPH.
BPH will cause urinary obstruction (harder to urinate).
anyway guys, u don't have to worry about BPH, not until u r >40 years old.
it is very common in men, which the only reason i am thinking about pursuing my post-graduate study in Urology, i mean, it is so common that the numbers of patients come with this condition is so gigantic, so that the money.

*sinisterly laugh*

by the way, i asked a tutor how can BPH occur? and she give me a hilarious answer.

"oh, it is caused by hypersexual or hyposexual. (the frequency, not the aggresiveness)"

"haaa??!, is it doctor? if that so, is there such thing as normosexual? and how can we define it?"

"it's like eating. to much eating is not good for you, less eating, and u gonna starve. so, just eat a moderate amount"

i laughed hysterically uols. i mean, these doctors, they talk about sex like they talk about food. nothing sounded so offensive.

later i checked in book, only to find out that this BPH condition is related to aging process, nothing in the text book mention anything about too much sex lead to BPH... hurm... i wonder where she (my tutor) get the idea about the answer she gave me.. haiyoo

i was LMAO to know that advance in medicine & surgery has revolutionized the, err, penis length.
u know what people were saying about if one wearing large shoes, its mean the person have a big foot, and a person that have big foot, have a big that...
stupido assumption.

no study ever been conducted, and no journal ever been published about that.
considering about the study design, the population, the benefit from such study?
*pretend to speak in a serious manner, academically, ahem*

they have this surgery called penile-implantation. (i think it's like breast implantation, only the part being implanted is different)

i asked the doctor told me about this surgery, "haa? what forr? what kind of person submitted himself for such surgery?"

he laugh wickedly and answer me "biar tambah gagah"

babii.. hahahhahahhhhh


Mizzy Schreier said...

kwang kwang kwang.. hahahha.. lawak2.. cmna bole wat persamaan tu dgn makanan.. btul ka tu shan? kakakakka

BoZaki said...

haha. that's true. My professor said jsut yesterday that medical people can talk about sex and make any jokes without sex with without any offense. But to the layman, sex is a topic that is so taboo, interesting, shy, no need to talk about, kind of topic.

It is so fun being in medical fields. You can just simply talk about anato0my of vagina with your girl colleague without getting a slap on your cheeks.


By the way, there is no such thing regarding relation of BPH with sexual activity i think, but then. that thing involved testosterone level. MAybe got some relationship you know. Who kmows....

We will get BPH too later in our life. So annoying to know that.