Tuesday, January 27, 2009

kisah yang sangatlah tak penting

i speak fluent Indonesian accent yo

yet, whenever i had the chance to speak in front of people here, for instance, as an MC, i speak like a Malay guy.

so that people will acknowledge that i am from Malaysia. gave them a flavor of variety, don't u think it's nice? heheh

although i don't really talk like a Malayan guy back in Malaysia. i speak Kedayan, Sabahan accent, even Sarawakian, but nothing to do with pronouncing "A" as "E"

did i tell u guyz, people here often mistake me as a local? there were few incidents, as i make new friends here, i even showed them my MyKad just to prove that i am a proud Malaysian, because they didn't believed me at first

i asked them back "what makes u think that i am a local?"

they replied "ur language, ur style, but we think it was absolutely because of the way u talk, most Malaysians here didn't talk like u did."

"i guess because it is almost 4 years i live in Indonesia?"

"yet, ur friends still sounded funny, u sounded pure"

"and that's made u guys happy that i speak fluent Indo?"

"indeed, it's like u appreciate us"



pie said...

mo laskar pelangi

n u r i d r i n said...

kat perlis, ada org igt aku pure penang,
(boleh x, aku nak jugak..)

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