Tuesday, January 20, 2009

cuma menipu


oops. forget to mention that this is a tag i did, tagged by Randy. some readers are confused with this nonsense entry, nevermind. i'll update later with something intelligent ok. hikk

Name : Moralez Abdullah Mozarella Carbonara

Age / Birthday : 28august19XX-let my age becomea mystery(or misery?) to all of you =P

School : previous one, sains labuan

Elder sister : what kind of question is this? Oprah show?

Younger sisters : again?

Elder brother : and again?

Favourite liquid's / drinks : liquid paper.

Favourite Consumables / Food : kek keju

Favourite place too sleep : in the jungle.

Flying? : Air Asia?

Swimming or Diving : haiyoo

How many friends in msn : what's msn? another thingy like myspace or facebook? Gosh im tired of this. can everyone just stick to one? i mean, malas la everything i need to have, and check also.

Loved one's : myself

Get kicked on the butt : no la. just some spank

Allergic? : dust, Dermatophagoides sp. .

Gastric? : killing me

Age of marriage? : 35?

Children wanted?: 3... 4 considerable...

Age of life? : i wonder~

Animals in your house ? : semut, cicak, lipas.

Longest fingernails ever kept? : entah

Wanted birthday present : ticket to heaven?

A - Attached or single ? : single... and happy being 1

B - Best friend? : Paris Hilton

C - Cake or pie ? : both

D - Day of choice? - selasa, kamis, sabtu, ahad. tiada kelas

E - Essential item ? - condom??!! mwahhahwahwhrggh. antacid

F - Favourite colour? - colourful

G - Gummy bears or worms? : gummy bears

H - Hometown? : Labuan. Victoria sounds cooler!

I - Favourite Indulgence - one nite stand. two nite stands. everynite stands?

J - January or July ? : july. near my birthday

K - Kids? - aborted.

L - Life isn't complete without? - love. lots and lot of it. ewww

M - Marriage date - 1 april? so everybody will think that i just lie to them and never come to my wed?

N - Number of magazine subscriptions? - Reader's Digest, National Geo, FHM. ewww. buang duit!!! takda langgan apa2.

O - Oranges or apples? - peach

P - Phobias : cicak. katak. syaitan. dan juga manusia seperti syaitan

Q - Quotes? : why quotes? every word is just as important as one another.

R - Reasons to smile? - psycho?

S - Season of choice - musim buah? ke musim hujan? atau musim akademia fantasia?

T - Tag 10 people: somehow i wonder, do my blog have more than 10 readers??

U - Unknown fact about me? - i am actually Puteri Gunung Ledang descendant. there i spit it out

V - Vegetable? - why not?

W - Worst habit? - korek idung, pastu tepek kat buku.

X - X-men? - suka

Y - Your favorite food - foots

Z - Zodiac sign - hercules.


~|r|a|n|d|y|~ said...

betul ka meniou nie?
especilly on that butt spanking??
i think i got the wrong idea ruffey

ruffey said...

i am a man, full of mysteries. hakk hakk

ruffey said...

i am a man, full of mysteries. hakk hakk

zaki said...

what is this actually?