Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was thinking with my pea-sized brain,

if tattoo is allowed,

this bunches of arrogant people that i happened to know (not a pleasure though) just might tattoing the word DOCTOR or MEDICAL STUDENT on their forehead, so everybody will know there are the greatest human being ever walked on earth...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

kisah yang sangatlah tak penting

i speak fluent Indonesian accent yo

yet, whenever i had the chance to speak in front of people here, for instance, as an MC, i speak like a Malay guy.

so that people will acknowledge that i am from Malaysia. gave them a flavor of variety, don't u think it's nice? heheh

although i don't really talk like a Malayan guy back in Malaysia. i speak Kedayan, Sabahan accent, even Sarawakian, but nothing to do with pronouncing "A" as "E"

did i tell u guyz, people here often mistake me as a local? there were few incidents, as i make new friends here, i even showed them my MyKad just to prove that i am a proud Malaysian, because they didn't believed me at first

i asked them back "what makes u think that i am a local?"

they replied "ur language, ur style, but we think it was absolutely because of the way u talk, most Malaysians here didn't talk like u did."

"i guess because it is almost 4 years i live in Indonesia?"

"yet, ur friends still sounded funny, u sounded pure"

"and that's made u guys happy that i speak fluent Indo?"

"indeed, it's like u appreciate us"


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

cuma menipu


oops. forget to mention that this is a tag i did, tagged by Randy. some readers are confused with this nonsense entry, nevermind. i'll update later with something intelligent ok. hikk

Name : Moralez Abdullah Mozarella Carbonara

Age / Birthday : 28august19XX-let my age becomea mystery(or misery?) to all of you =P

School : previous one, sains labuan

Elder sister : what kind of question is this? Oprah show?

Younger sisters : again?

Elder brother : and again?

Favourite liquid's / drinks : liquid paper.

Favourite Consumables / Food : kek keju

Favourite place too sleep : in the jungle.

Flying? : Air Asia?

Swimming or Diving : haiyoo

How many friends in msn : what's msn? another thingy like myspace or facebook? Gosh im tired of this. can everyone just stick to one? i mean, malas la everything i need to have, and check also.

Loved one's : myself

Get kicked on the butt : no la. just some spank

Allergic? : dust, Dermatophagoides sp. .

Gastric? : killing me

Age of marriage? : 35?

Children wanted?: 3... 4 considerable...

Age of life? : i wonder~

Animals in your house ? : semut, cicak, lipas.

Longest fingernails ever kept? : entah

Wanted birthday present : ticket to heaven?

A - Attached or single ? : single... and happy being 1

B - Best friend? : Paris Hilton

C - Cake or pie ? : both

D - Day of choice? - selasa, kamis, sabtu, ahad. tiada kelas

E - Essential item ? - condom??!! mwahhahwahwhrggh. antacid

F - Favourite colour? - colourful

G - Gummy bears or worms? : gummy bears

H - Hometown? : Labuan. Victoria sounds cooler!

I - Favourite Indulgence - one nite stand. two nite stands. everynite stands?

J - January or July ? : july. near my birthday

K - Kids? - aborted.

L - Life isn't complete without? - love. lots and lot of it. ewww

M - Marriage date - 1 april? so everybody will think that i just lie to them and never come to my wed?

N - Number of magazine subscriptions? - Reader's Digest, National Geo, FHM. ewww. buang duit!!! takda langgan apa2.

O - Oranges or apples? - peach

P - Phobias : cicak. katak. syaitan. dan juga manusia seperti syaitan

Q - Quotes? : why quotes? every word is just as important as one another.

R - Reasons to smile? - psycho?

S - Season of choice - musim buah? ke musim hujan? atau musim akademia fantasia?

T - Tag 10 people: somehow i wonder, do my blog have more than 10 readers??

U - Unknown fact about me? - i am actually Puteri Gunung Ledang descendant. there i spit it out

V - Vegetable? - why not?

W - Worst habit? - korek idung, pastu tepek kat buku.

X - X-men? - suka

Y - Your favorite food - foots

Z - Zodiac sign - hercules.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


i removed last entry...

tak sanggup tgk gambar2 cam tu.

lepas cuti ni,

kepala pening semacam...

dah lama tak stress macam ni...

akan jarang2 update...

jadi, buat masa ni, korang baca lah apa yang lebih penting dari blog aku k.

gi lah baca utusan ke, bharian ke, perez hilton ke.


salam sejahtera

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


1. weird exam. subject ethics and related stuff, tapi ditanya tentang forensic? bullshet!
apa korang rasa kalau ujian bahasa melayu tapi soalan matematik tambahan?

2. community research program exam. ujian mengira, mengira, dan mengira. dah la aku bodo mengira2 nih...

3. minor thesis. kos mahal sgt...

4. kamar yang berselerak.
aduh malasnya nak mengemas...

5. Pending laundry...
malasnya nak mencuci

6. Kewangan yang tidak stabil...
sanggup berlapar semata nak beli kasut baru...

7. Emosi yang tidak stabil...
without apparent cause???

8. Putus harapan untuk...
dean list... waaa~ tukar target, yakni dapat naik semester...

9. they are far away from me

10. the stress list..