Thursday, December 18, 2008

Special Edition: Fashionista - The 10 Tips

this time, berbeza dari entri2 sebelumnya, me, the latest Fashion Guru, akan bercerita tentang what to wear, and what to avoid, so u guyz will look jus nice, just like i always do.


pengsan aku, sapa la sesuka hati label aku metrosexual ni... eii talking about sex, i thought it is taboo regarding our culture and heritage, so very the kemeLAYUan kan, and adat Timur alsooo.

(buat2 bodo jap tak tau apa maksud metrosex tuh)

aku tak metro pun, aku just naturally charming (pengsan skali lagi). hakkk hakk.

1. create a theme/scheme of ur wardrobe
-in choosing color, make sure ur clothes and pants and belt and stocking and shoes are alls in a scheme, or two (or just as many as u want).
-so u wont have problem to cross match one another
-i choose natural color scheme as example, the color range from black, grey, brown, white for my pants, and my clothes. i have extended several colors too such as olive green, and dark blue also.
-belt, to be safe, have one black, and other colors are optional. i have one brown, and one pink. hahahah

2. not too big, not too small
-just perfectly fit to ur measurement. have the promoter/shop assistant to help u in choosing your size.

3. avoid formal motif, if u r planning to wear the clothes in casual occasion.
-formal motif such as symetric stripes should be avoided. it is ugly, and so ugly too. - stripes motif is in the season, yet, try to find an asymetric strips one.
-and talking about formal motif, please avoid stupid motif too, such as writing-too-big-one-can-read-from-galaxy-far-far-away at any part of the kemeja, especially the back (what's english word for kemeja eh?). that kind of kemeja looks ridiculous la

4. do recycle!!
-save water tau!! hakk hakkk
-tips for recycling your clothes.
a) not in the same week. the outside that matters. the inside doesnt, because u dont expose ur underwear to people lah kan? so people wont know u recycle them or not if u didnt tell them/ show them. hakk hakkk (i dont recycle my underwear, have lots of them, enough for 2 weeks=P)
b) no more than 3 times, even if u r wearing singlet (or depends on ur level of perspiration / body odour/ etc that u should put into consideration)
c)ideally done by men. women not so ideal to this thingy la, coz women, accepted in the whole world, are cleaner and tidier and neatier compare to men la kan.

5. dont try to impress (transformation) people in a day
-this will attract people attention of ur sudden transformation, and it might end up as a joke, because there must be something wrong in your attempt.
-start one by one, the looks that u want to put on u. may be this week start with the new pants 1st, next week with the shirts, shoes, and so on, so people will notice less about the transformation u made, still, later u have the look just as u want

6. do stylo mylo urself, but just act cool about it
-dont brag about it,looks cooler tau, like u are one stylish person naturally born with it. lol

-trust me, no matter how pretty/handsome/smart one may look, if body odour accompanied it, the look will totally worthless.
-kan kat kedai dah ada sabun antibakteria, ubat kumur, DEODORANT etc. gunakanlah mereka.
-bau laa.. ishh...

sekian saja tips yg tak seberapa ini.
aku bukan metro le
aku tak memiliki berdozen2 formula perawatan muka ok, cuma guna body foam untuk badan saje, sekali gus guna cuci muke
aku tak plak memanjekan diri aku ke spa2 yg mahal cam shiyal, tak plak aku ke gym
aku makan plak, apa yg aku nak makan jee

bengong entri kali ni... hakk hakk

p/s -carik no 7,8,9,? memang takda pun, takda ideaa

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Hahaha...Nice entry..How do I look in my blog? (Kundasang)..Is it suitable?