Tuesday, October 28, 2008

aku orangnya...

mari menganalisa. sbnarnya benda2 cam ni takyah org kasi tau pun, boleh tahu sendiri, asal sedar diri jek.
sis aku fwd emel ni, so berdasarkan befdei aku, aku orgnya

You are smart - i hope so
straight talking - depends on situation. most of the time, i talked berbelit2
funny - yes indeed. or at least what my friends told me
stubborn - ever try to influence me? tak berjaya kan. hoho
hardworking - oh tidak sama sekali. i give up easily
honest - yep. no plastic2 yg takkan terbiodegradasi near me. beware !!!
Jealous on competing basis - siapa yg tak?
kind hearted - never know
angry - yes. annoyed by hooligans easily
friendly - yes
authorities - what's this mean?
Famous person... - oh ye ke? best nye. feeling superstar plak kan
always want to be and regarded as first on people
Position- tidak!!! tp mmg aku tak suka org yg aku tak suka mengetuai aku lah
they are often like to be independent - yess.
will never be under Others - not a problem to me
self confident people! - yeppp. or at least i know my potential.

You are most likely to fall in love in the younger age, but will get
Marry when you mature! - never know
You are likely to have problems with people who have opposite views - sgt!!!
And you are most likely to take revenge over your
Enemies in a long time basis. - aku ni pendendam orgnya...
You are a spender, but you will have a good profession in the future. - future doctor =D, and i am not really a spender!!!
If you are guy you will be very popular that everybody will have mental attraction and respect at you. - i guess so.
You can go anywhere from the local shop to the heart of the parliament because you are positive and
Well talented in numerous issues!! - i realize about this =D
But in your life you will always have some people who will work hard
To bring you & your name down. - siapaaa?!?!!!! aku tenyeh mulut tu pakai cili nanti
This is undercover!!
Coz of your smart behavior you will be hated by some People too... - biasa sgt la kalau org tak suka aku kan..


Friday, October 24, 2008


suddenly, out of nowhere, tons of things i need to do

will be very busy

so peningg...

friends, expecting update within 3 months okay...

or next week. hik

Monday, October 13, 2008

question: what makes me happy?

answer: when friends were asking for update. hiks

macam artis noks!, eh salah. bai, wa dah cam artis!

org sebok dok tertanya-tanya apa yg latest.


i thought i could spend more time blogging, minimum an entry a day, but it is just so impossible due to several conditions:

1. i don't have internet konek-syen

the nearest cc is about 20-30 minutes walking distance. my place kan, very kesian tau. i dah contact the ISP for like zillions time asking for internet connection, but they always give me the answer "no telepon rumah bapak ga bisa internet pak, soalnya no rumah bapak masi ~what the fock i don't remember~, jadi ga bisa"

mesti ada line telefon noks. speed pun cuma 256kbps. harga mahal cam sundel sebulan kurang lebih RM80.00, tapi batas penggunaan cuma 1Gb sajer.

tapi line rumah i tak boley.

kalau nak broadband 3G ke 3.5G ke 3some ke, kenalah mak bapak korang ada kilang mencetak wang ke, korang perompak bank ke. sebulan plg murah RM60 hengget, tapi cuma boleh pakai 250MB sajork. nak pakai extra boleh, tapi bayarlah

kesian noks, eh, bai, indon ni. mereka ni tak sepeka IT cam kat negara kita. internet mahal dan susah didapati. tapi video lucah lokal mereka kat internet tetap kelas dan top.

jom la kita sama2 mengenang jasa Tun M yg telah susah payah mempromosikan budaya celik IT kat negara kita, sampai2 internet kat negara kita sgt murah dan mudah didapati, memudahkan para pengguna mendownload video2 x-rated dan video2 haram cetak rompak dgn kelajuan gila babas.

2. dry up of ideas

having brain with a size of dried pea, (i don't really know, never having my brain x-ray / CTscan /MRI) i hardly can come out with anything.

3. prioritizing chores

2 things most important in my life right now is reading text books, and get enough sleep

so i only write something when the previous 2 things were done.

estimating average word read per day is about 10,000 words, and half of them i need to refer to dicktionary.

obligate hours of sleeping per day is 8-9 hours. i just need that undisturbed quality sleep, because if i don't then the beast inside me will wake up. i become super-cranky. macam baby yg diganggu tidurnya lah. dan i akan jadi bodo gak, cannot focus on anything i do.

4. trillions things to do, at a time

impossible kan? so i cut it down to only several millions. like now other than reading textbooks and sleep, i also try to finish reading some novels, Laskar Pelangi, To Kill a Mocking Bird, and The It. and tutoring/mentoring juniors. and revising.

and to make a draft for my minor thesis project.

oh ya, about my minor thesis, i still didn't decide yet what's the title. i do have several ideas:

1. Malays forget easily. genetic (naturally dumbs) or environmental influences?

2. Effect of porn to short term memory

3. incidence & prevalence of allergic reaction to condom made from latex

4. microbial isolates and sampling from public toilet seat, influencing community health?

5. practice and awareness of toilet hygiene (especially hand washing) among workers handling/serving foods & prevention of diseases related to food poisoning.

due to ethical issues, i shorted it down to no 4 and no 5.

i cant butchering random malays' brains just to observe any differences / abnormalities that cause the, err, pa nama? oh. Melayu Muda Lupa. it is just so unethic. racist some more =P

i can't expose subjects to porn to determine their short term memory affected or not, because 'one thing can lead to another'. hik

and allergic reaction to condom? how i suppose to conduct my study? observing people while they having, err, that 'thing' ? alaa u must know kan what i mean. i just write "thing" because this is a user friendly blog. Rated General. no need parental advisory whatsoever =P

5. most of the time, i just a lazy person

And here, i upload photos of the only greeting card i received from Malaysia this Eid Fitr season, from Fariz, schoolmate time aku muda remaja dulu di Sekolah St.Anthony.

Kepada Fariz, hanya ucapan Terima Kasih yang mampu aku berikan.

tak sempat nak reply la. nanti je la Valentine aku kirim ko kad k, kalau aku rajin la. hiks.

i only received 2 cards this time, another one is from my tutorial mate, Vickee.

Thanx oso.

alamat indonesia, stem malaysia tuh =D

cantek kan kad ni. custommade tau.

kata2 kat dalam kad =D