Friday, August 29, 2008

the voice...

...for me to tell my story, i need to tell theirs...

ambik ko, intro cam Ghost Whisperer (cam jenama tuala wanita) plak kan?

this is a true story, or at least what i thought to be true, happened to me not so long time ago back when i was in form 4 in Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan

never a fan of the study room (a place where diligent students wasting their time studying usually 11.00 pm onwards until, err, depends on them) i chose to lepak at friend's dorm after night prep one night. nothing much to talk about, i decided to return to my room around midnight, only to found my form 1 roommate asking me
"bang rafshan, buleh tidur sama bang rafshan malam ni?"

"ah, nada. tidur la katil ko, sesak baa nt"

"takut la bang rafshan..."

"ish.. ba. ambil la ko punya bantal sma slimut."

then he lied down next to me. (to answer your curiosity, no, we didn't involve or engage in any bontot relationship ok)
as i was closing my eyes, i heard a faint noise, seems it was coming from far away. i tried to figure it out, and that was it. i didn't dare to questioning what it was as some people says it is taboo to tegur something "weird" like that.

suddenly, my roommate
"bang Rafshan, bunyi apa tu? bang Rafshan dengar ka?"

"oi, jgn ditagur baa, kau ni kan.."

that faint noise, turn out to be a voice like, became clearer to my ears.

somebody, or "something", were shouting from far away for help...

"tolong.... tolongg... tolongg..."

my roomate
"bang rafshan, takut la. apa tu bang rafshan? siapa tu?"

"shhhh.. diam, jgn ditagur lagi!"

tolongg... tolongg lah saya.... aarghhhhhhhhhhh....."

the next morning, i asked my roomate about that 'noise' he had heard previous night. he told me it was something like shouting for help from far away. no doubt we both heard it.

who or what it was?

aku tak tahu...

next chapter: The Red Eyes...

next-next chapter: antu bungkos...


pReciOus shaRihaNa said...

sapa la budak kcik yg bkongsi katil ngn ko tue???
mau jua ku tau.
r u sure ko x buat apa2 kt dak tue????
mn tau unconciously ko harrassing dia ni tym tido!

yg minta tlg tu budak yg tgh harrass uncontiously by u tu la!

bunyi antu ka tu ruff???

ruffey said...

siot ehh =P

nda jua ku harrass budak bah. aku bukan fidofilia ahh =P

syida said...

"did not involve/engage in bontot relationship" <---lawak seyh.hahahahhaa.

Sy second apa pah ckp.Hahaha.

~|r|a|n|d|y|~ said...

ambik ko ruffey kn gang bang ngan syida n pah...
tp ak pun mo sokong jg...
wah... kenangan di alam persekolahan...
aku pun ada juga...
time f1, f2, f3, f4, f5(cakap spnjg 5 thn sna lg sng kn?)
tp yg plg 'best' time f3(ngan Along n Babas... 2 insiden berbeza) n f5(ngan Gimad) la... 1 lps PMR + 1 b4 balik cuti final sem, 1 b4 SPM... musim2 mcm tu mmg byk kes2 macam ni... applied to the WHOLE SBPs... (but with explaination yg logiklah... but maybe not mine...)