Thursday, August 21, 2008

i'm over it

i'm over it

once, i was so passionate about politic, but not anymore

politics has had been infiltrated by bastards, dogs, bitches, pigs as politicians and also supporters.

politik di Malaysia kini hanya menyebabkan PERBALAHAN dan PERPECAHAN...

aku fikir, seharusnya politik mendatangkan kebaikan dan membawa kepada penyatuan masyarakat...
sebaliknya yang berlaku...

i am not, and never a big fan of chaos and havoc

so i'm done with politics

i think i should consider singer as my 2nd profession.
releasing song in every single language spoken in Malaysia, i might just be the person who could unite all the people in this country.
the cover of my album will be the map of Malaysia, highlighting the Sabah & Sarawak, and magnifying the Labuan,
so some bloody stupid people from Semenanjung realize and acknowledge that
Sabah & Sarawak & Labuan are parts of Malaysia.

p/s- never wrestle with a pig. both get dirty, but the pig likes it


pReciOus shaRihaNa said...

it is scary indeed.
cant imagine msia full with demo, havoc and everything!


pReciOus shaRihaNa said...

oh ya.
bout ur muhibbah album.
pls write a lyric bout people of borneo yg dh maju and x dok atas pokok lagi.
gerammmmmm jer dgn org2 ignorant yg xreti2 bahse.


~|r|a|n|d|y|~ said...

hidup Rafshan!!!!!
that's what i'm talking about...
you know what, Saifullah had experienced once... bole2 makcik tu tanya... (of course after he told her that he's from WPL) best dtg Msia??
and they look down to us...
padahal sometimes kita jauh3 lebih baik dari dorang...
this is not an element of provocation k...
just MARAH!

Pullah said...

Huhu..I'm so sad, Borneo spt di Anak Tirikan...Mungkin makcik tu mau sebut Malaya...Tapi xtau la..nyanyuk mungkin...hahaha..