Friday, June 13, 2008

considering specialty?

me and few friends, we don't have noble reason why we choose medicine.

it is just about the money, and the thought of not need to go for job hunting (hopefully) after finishing our degree.

most of the time, we do not like to be serious about medicine, except when the exam is around the corner.

we do make stupid-and-not-so-funny-jokes out of it.
especially about specialty.

Neurosurgeon (belah kepala bedah otak dan saraf)

once, i had a tutor who speak rarely. ask him anything, the answer will be the same "u should read more..."
heck, he is not stupid. at the age of 31, he is already a Neurosurgeon. he must be damn brilliant to be selected into the program at a very young age.
finish 1st degree at 24, continue specialty at age 25, finish specialty at 31.
he talked a little too. no effort of socialized with us.
somehow, i think that he has problems in communication. socially, he is also a bored guy (although he might be richer than anybody at his age)

i told a friend about my doubt about our tutor, then he answered "do not wonder, as our tutor is a neurosurgeon, he never really have a good time to socialize, especially with his patient. u know, as surgeon, he only have time to socialize with unconscious (anesthetized) patient, that's why he is socially, err, retarded"

Forensic Medicine (bedah siasat mayat)

during one forensic medicine lecture, suddenly my friend asked me "do u ever wonder y some people wanted to pursue their specialty in forensic medicine?"

"err, i don't know about that, but look at our lecturer, she look tough though. she must not scared of ghost, u imagine, how she managed to have a normal life, despite the horridness of her job?"

"if that so.. hurmm, i think she was into gothic music when she was a student"

"black metal or something?"

"no, no. she still wearing a veil though. and she doesn't look like someone who would drink a goat's blood. but she must have had a twisted life back then when she was our age, i think so, more into gothic"

Obstetric & Gynaecology (pakar sakit puan)

"i understand if women are into this specialty, but why men? why?"

"still want to ask ah? i guess they are sex-maniac. it is like when u obsess at something, u r really into it. it is no different with anybody who choose their specialty."


"look at our dermatologist-tutors, they are pretty and handsome. if i were like him (pointed to a particular handsome tutor), i would stop study medicine, and become a celebrity instead, have a glamourous life"

"it must be fake. u get to inject Botox by urself if u r dermatologist"

heheh. i guess it is not nice to mock those specialist doctors, one thing and another, they do make big money out of their specialty.
i guess that's what really matter.



~|r|a|n|d|y|~ said...

jahatnya ruffey... tapi lawak sial!!!!eh?? am i allowed to use that kind of word here??
pakar sakit puan = gila seks?
ismail thamby = pakar sakit puan
ismail thamby = gila seks!!!
matilah kena saman nanti!!!

pReciOus shaRihaNa iLesOr said...

so wats urs then?

i bet u'd choose pakar sakit tuan.

sbb ko kan gojes~



ruffey said...

err, he is not pakar sakit puan, he is pakar sakit tuan (andrologist, or whatever they call it in English, i dunno, whatever...)
he is not sex maniac, er i think he is just obsess with, err, .. PENIS
use whatever language u want, Malaysia is negara dekorasi, eh, demokrasi. as long as u didnt do anything that makes u liable to be arrested under the ISA, it is ok. :P

pReciOus shaRihaNa iLesOr
er? pakar sakit tuan, haaaa??? no, never!!!
i dont know yet, my target right now is just to graduate.
anyway if i considering one, it should be something yg boleh buat aku kaya raya, dan kelihatan kool hendaknya. hik.
oh ya, dan paling penting, CGPA aku melayakkan aku utk ikut postgraduate course tuh

pReciOus shaRihaNa iLesOr said...

bile nk hapdet nieee~?


~|r|a|n|d|y|~ said...

no la ruffey...
i once read that he's gynaecologist... bukan sakit puan ka tu?

haziah said...

hehe kan ko kata mo jd orthopedic sm aku sbb drg macho2..
Cthnya our spce hitch-hiker la :)
Tym aku d wad pon Orthopedics were GOJES!