Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sometimes, people just don't get it

sometimes, people just don't get it

u draw a straight line, vertically

however, when a person, tilting his head, what he will see is an oblique line.

"perkara yang lurus atau benar, kalau dilihat oleh orang yang senget, akan kelihatan sengetlah juga perkara itu"

ngerti ngga sih temen-temen?


p/s- pengsan la kalau pasni ada lagi anonymous yang tembak aku balik.

tapi takpa, Malaysia kan negara dekorasi, anda bebas suarakan aspirasi anda, selagi tak ditahan ISA. hik

p p/s- tak caya negara dekorasi? tunggu 31 ogos, atau setiap kali perayaan apa pun. demokrasi pun ye jugak kot.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mengheningkan Cipta

Tagged by Dayangku Nuraini (We seem to be doing a lot of this tagging thingy, kan? Nothing else to do ah? Hahaha)

1. Put your iTunes on shuffle or any music library list (eg. WMP; Winamp and etc)
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends who might enjoy doing the meme as well as the person you got the note from.

Waltz in G-Flat Major - Federic Chopin

Awan Yang Terpilu... mwhahhaahuarrgghwarrggggmwaharrgrrhh

Aku Tak Mau Sendirii - BCL


Papa Jahat

All That I'm Living For

Keabadian Cinta


WHAT IS 2+2?
I need to be in love


Every Little Bit Hurt


Given Up... hwarrgghwarrgghhmwahhhahaha. haiyoo

Joget Kasih Tak Sudah

Anak Kukang... mwhahahahrgghhhwahhahahh

Sulam Sembilan

Besame Mucho - Andrea Bocelli

Tentang Dia

Could Have Been The One

Sempurna... this really make sense =D

Manuk Dadali

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Seribu Tahun

Through The Rain... cam org gila plak gelak sorang redah hujan

The Simpson Theme

Kurik Kundi

This Is My Now

Emperor Waltz

Little Drummer Boy

Moon River

Mengheningkan Cipta

aku nak tag
1. Randy
2. Sharihana
3. Babas
4. siapa2 yg berminat. heheh

Friday, December 26, 2008

while people were busying complaining about others....

...they forget to complain about themselves

i was having a conversation with a friend, who complaint A LOT uols!

she said
"kau tau, aku slalu kalau pulang ke msia, mesti ada je org yg seolah memandang rendah bakal2 dokter yg belajar kat indon ni. macam2 lah dorang tanya aku, laku tak ijazah indon ni, akreditasi ke tak, boleh bersaing dgn dokter dari u msia / negara lain ke, dan lain2 lagi lah. aku rasa geram sgt. marah pun adaaa..." (ntah apa lagi dia cakap, panjang sgt)

aku jawab
"if later, u finish ur study, u return to malaysia as a doctor, as a non competent one, even if they said things like that that time, u shouldn't be mad, as that ur fault.
but it's different situation if u work urself since now, or yesteryears, to become a good one, u return to malaysia, do a great work as a doctor, what left for people have to say that time?
to hell people's perceptions, if u r not what people were thinking of u. and another thing is, by our age, i assume we all matured enough to think what's good for us, kan?
bad or good? it's ur choice. and ur effort too.

p/s- my intention at first saying those thing to her, was to make her shut up already, tired lah dodol nak dgr org mengeluh memanjang. itu adalah niat sebenar. hik. tapi kan...

after all that i-am-so-philosophed-person thingy happened, then, i realize something, about the truth lies in my words. my own words turn back to me and became a reminder for myself...

aku pulak yg jadi sedar dgn kata2 aku sendiri
(tentang diri sendiri yang perlu berusaha ke arah yang baik. bukan tentang complaint meng-complaint ok. tak da pun aku kata kat kawan aku, "berenti la mengeluh". aku suruh dia berusaha je, perpustakaan ada, pensyarah ada, dsbnya. gunalah, supaya balik Malaysia nanti, tak la jadi doktor yg bodoh)

syukur, Alhamdulillah =D

p p/s- so, this entry was the story behind a short entry i posted not so long ago

kalau tak mahu orang mengata sesuatu yang buruk tentang diri kita...kita jangan beri orang lain alasan untuk mengata sesuatu yang buruk tentang diri kita.

and i dont have intention to point out if complaining were a bad thing, what i want to point out is,


and here, let me explain, regarding the story, if my friend want to live in a world without critics pointed to her later as a doctor, then she should become a good one.

p p p/s- kalau pun ada org yg mengata pasal aku, sebab dia ada alasan dia, aku jugak yg kasi alasan tu kat dia kan, erti kata lain, salah aku la.
kalau kita tak beri org lain alasan(buat sesuatu yg menjadi alasan org lain) utk mengata kita, apa org boleh kata ttg kita?

Damai!!! =D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Special Edition: Fashionista - The 10 Tips

this time, berbeza dari entri2 sebelumnya, me, the latest Fashion Guru, akan bercerita tentang what to wear, and what to avoid, so u guyz will look jus nice, just like i always do.


pengsan aku, sapa la sesuka hati label aku metrosexual ni... eii talking about sex, i thought it is taboo regarding our culture and heritage, so very the kemeLAYUan kan, and adat Timur alsooo.

(buat2 bodo jap tak tau apa maksud metrosex tuh)

aku tak metro pun, aku just naturally charming (pengsan skali lagi). hakkk hakk.

1. create a theme/scheme of ur wardrobe
-in choosing color, make sure ur clothes and pants and belt and stocking and shoes are alls in a scheme, or two (or just as many as u want).
-so u wont have problem to cross match one another
-i choose natural color scheme as example, the color range from black, grey, brown, white for my pants, and my clothes. i have extended several colors too such as olive green, and dark blue also.
-belt, to be safe, have one black, and other colors are optional. i have one brown, and one pink. hahahah

2. not too big, not too small
-just perfectly fit to ur measurement. have the promoter/shop assistant to help u in choosing your size.

3. avoid formal motif, if u r planning to wear the clothes in casual occasion.
-formal motif such as symetric stripes should be avoided. it is ugly, and so ugly too. - stripes motif is in the season, yet, try to find an asymetric strips one.
-and talking about formal motif, please avoid stupid motif too, such as writing-too-big-one-can-read-from-galaxy-far-far-away at any part of the kemeja, especially the back (what's english word for kemeja eh?). that kind of kemeja looks ridiculous la

4. do recycle!!
-save water tau!! hakk hakkk
-tips for recycling your clothes.
a) not in the same week. the outside that matters. the inside doesnt, because u dont expose ur underwear to people lah kan? so people wont know u recycle them or not if u didnt tell them/ show them. hakk hakkk (i dont recycle my underwear, have lots of them, enough for 2 weeks=P)
b) no more than 3 times, even if u r wearing singlet (or depends on ur level of perspiration / body odour/ etc that u should put into consideration)
c)ideally done by men. women not so ideal to this thingy la, coz women, accepted in the whole world, are cleaner and tidier and neatier compare to men la kan.

5. dont try to impress (transformation) people in a day
-this will attract people attention of ur sudden transformation, and it might end up as a joke, because there must be something wrong in your attempt.
-start one by one, the looks that u want to put on u. may be this week start with the new pants 1st, next week with the shirts, shoes, and so on, so people will notice less about the transformation u made, still, later u have the look just as u want

6. do stylo mylo urself, but just act cool about it
-dont brag about it,looks cooler tau, like u are one stylish person naturally born with it. lol

-trust me, no matter how pretty/handsome/smart one may look, if body odour accompanied it, the look will totally worthless.
-kan kat kedai dah ada sabun antibakteria, ubat kumur, DEODORANT etc. gunakanlah mereka.
-bau laa.. ishh...

sekian saja tips yg tak seberapa ini.
aku bukan metro le
aku tak memiliki berdozen2 formula perawatan muka ok, cuma guna body foam untuk badan saje, sekali gus guna cuci muke
aku tak plak memanjekan diri aku ke spa2 yg mahal cam shiyal, tak plak aku ke gym
aku makan plak, apa yg aku nak makan jee

bengong entri kali ni... hakk hakk

p/s -carik no 7,8,9,? memang takda pun, takda ideaa

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wat de eff u guyz wearing lab coat while dine in KFC?

haa? answer me!!!

u guyz want to bluff and show off and being arrogant lah because u guyz medical students???

although u guyz arrogantly flaunting ur status (medical student consider status? status my ass lah)
by wearing lab coat in KFC, do people care or amused by ur guyz stupidity???!!!
people don't care if u are med students, no goodness u can bring to them, so y people must care?

but i do care so much becoz u guyz looks SO X.
i hate X,
especially learnt X like u guyz medical students flaunting ur not-so -white&clean lab coats!!!

these kids might reply me "kenapa nak lebih2 pulak sebok? sekurang2nya kitorang lebih baik lagi dibanding dengan mereka yg pakai baju tapi dedah aurat. kalau kita orang nampak cam X pun, kitorang tak buat dosa"

kalau cam tu, terus lah aku pun mendiamkan diri...

in the end, it is not me who looks like X. (although i might be one. heheh)

The Facts

1. from a random survey, students prefer not to bring & not to wear lab coat while in practicum classes. (tapi nak plak pakai time makan2 kat kfc?)

2. lab coat is so not comfortable, dan juga panas. and not stylish also. it's SO ugly

3. . people kept assuming they are arrogant. i have no comment because i don't have any friends from this bunch of greatest human being ever, because unlike them, i am nobody.

4. aside from these bunch of greatest human being, most people agree that wearing lab coat and dine in KFC looks stupid.

5. u can spot them anywhere, everywhere. at the supermarket, cinemas, restaurants, etc. the list is endless.

p/s- ada org terasa hati. aku minta maaf. aku edit entri ni, tapi aku yakin ada yg dah save buat kenang2an kann???
jgn terasa la kalo korang rasa aku yg salah, bukan korang.
korang tak buat dosa pun. aku jamin tu. aku tulis entri ni pasal aku menyampah je tgk labcoat bersepah sampai KFC. sbb mmg bg aku nampak X lah.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

kalau tak mahu orang mengata sesuatu yang buruk tentang diri kita...

kita jangan beri orang lain alasan untuk mengata sesuatu yang buruk tentang diri kita.

mudah kan?

p/s- sesekali short entry plak.

Monday, November 24, 2008

fieri et sapere

- sebelum itu, aku nak ucapkan Terima Kasih kepada Syida & Sharihana atas komen kalian utk entri aku yg lepas =D -

tetiba kali ni tajuk dalam latin plak kan? jgn segan silu bukak kamus latin k utk carik maksud tajuk kat atas tu.

walaupun sebenarnya entri kali ni tiada sebarang kaitan dgn tajuk yg tertera.

camana plak kalau lain kali aku tulis tajuk "Cingcangkeling"?

lagi la terbeliak bijik mata korang kan? walaupun sebenarnya cingcangkeling tu perkataan dalam bahasa Sunda (i spell it correctly, Sunda, without the L, thank you) yang bermaksud sejenis burung, yg aku pun tak tau apakah nama burung itu dalam Latin.

cingcangkeling manuk cingkelung cindeten
plos ka kolong bapa satar buleneng

(it's a song)

It's like kat labuan la, ada satu kawasan yang bernama Sg. Keling. korang tau kenapa? sebab yg tinggal kat kawasan tu byk Cina, dan mereka sebut Kering jadi Keling. jadilah Sg. Keling.

aku rasa Sg. Keling lagi baik la dari lain2 nama tempat macam

Batang Berjuntai (batang apa tak tau)
Baram Port (get it?)
Sabak Bernam (ntah apa2 ntah nama tempat ni)
Batang Tak Berjuntai (Tegak? hakk hakk)
Sabak Bertujuh

dsbnya? (for the last 4 names, it's just ideas from me, if there are still any places needs to be named)

now, let's talk about bendera plak. korang tau kan bendera malaysia tu kurang lebih bendera mana? sebab kawan2 indo aku slalu tanya gak, kenapa bendera malaysia cam bendera amerika?
apa aku nak jawab kat dorang haa?

blom lagi yg tanya, kenapa bendera UMNO tu bendera indonesia yg diletak lambang keris kat tgh nya? (pernah berkibar tau kat indo ni, waktu tu ada acara UMNO kat bandung, tak alang2 engkau umno buat acara kat overseas. korang boleh bayangkan tak kalau bendera DAP ke PAS ke plak yg berkebar kat oversea? hakk hakk

blom lagi lagu Negara Ku. Terang Bulan, know about it? and that song Terang Bulan even exist in Indo. sadly, a friend told me Terang Bulan actually an English song, but not entitled Shiny Moon lah, got other name, but i forget.

it's like our nature to copy & paste, and change it a little bit to call it ours. pathetic tak? ke ok je?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I want to be a doctor...

or a singer, bur nevermind. somehow, i don't have the talent. hik

sebelum tu, ni ada sebuah kisah untuk direnungkan k =D

-a snippet-

I was looking for a dustbin to throw away an empty mineral water bottle, then my friend saying this "kenapa lah susah-susah nak cari tongsampah, buang je lah kat tepi jalan, tempat ni (Indonesia) memang macam tu pun..."

I simply reply, "adab ni, kemana pun kita pergi, kita bawa? tak kisah la kita kat mana pun, kan? lain ceritalah kalau dari awal, errr, memang tak beradab?"

i hate it when some people like to think it is ok to do something unacceptable, just because most people do it.

there's a saying 'yang baik jadikan teladan, yang buruk jadikan sempadan'. aku nak tambah 'lebih baik lagi, yang buruk kita cuba ubah kepada perkara yang lebih baik'

-kisah tambahan selesai-

ok, balik kepada topik.

aku rasa, ini kali pertama aku mengatakan "aku ingin jadi doktor" dengan niat. selama aku belajar perubatan, aku tak pernah serius pun. aku cuma fikir nak lulus sahaja.

aku belajar perubatan kerana peluang, bukan kerana keinginan sendiri, bukan kerana menuruti kemahuan orang lain

waktu aku di tahun pertama, aku pernah hilang keyakinan, merasa inferior, dan lain-lain perasaan negatif terhadap diri sendiri. tekanan perasaan jugak lah. hik

aku ceritakan masalah aku kepada senior aku, "aku rasa aku tak layak untuk belajar perubatan, keputusan aku tak seberapa, tapi berada disini. kawan2 kuliah yang lain pula pandai2. lagi pula, orang lain yang mempunyai keputusan yang jauh lebih baik dari aku dan memang ingin jadi doktor, tak pula berpeluang. aku rasa seperti aku dah merampas kesempatan orang lain yang benar2 inginkannya. aku rasa, aku tak layak... perkara ini sangat mengganggu aku..."

jawapan dia
"begini lah, kata kamu, kamu tak layak untuk berada di sini (belajar perubatan)? tapi bukan kah kamu mengikuti ujian yang sama dengan kawan2 kamu yang lain untuk masuk ke sini, dan kamu lulus? apa lagi yang membezakan kamu dengan kawan2 kuliah kamu yang lain? semua orang sama, yang membezakan ialah usaha...

kalau kamu bilang kamu dah merampas peluang orang lain... pernahkah kamu berfikir ini ketentuan siapa? siapa yang mengatur kamu belajar di sini? dan sebenarnya peluang yang kamu dapat ini adalah peluang yang baik? semuanya daripada Allah S.W.T..
kehendak Allah, kamu berada di sini (belajar perubatan). oleh itu, gunakan peluang ini dengan sebaiknya, peluang yang Allah telah berikan kepada kamu. tak perlu merasa bersalah. kamu dikurniakan rezeki, bersyukurlah.

tak semua oang yang mahu belajar, dapat peluang untuk belajar. sekarang kamu dah dapat peluang itu, gunakanlah dengan sebaiknya..."

Alhamdulillah, kata2 senior aku mampu memotivasikan aku lebih berusaha untuk belajar bersungguh-sungguh. tapi target aku sejak itu sampailah kemarin, hanyalah belajar, dan lulus. dan berfikir untuk menjadi pensyarah sahaja.

sekarang, aku mahu jadi doktor. tapi bukan pula sebab keinginan tolong orang, gaji, atau lain2 perkara, tapi sebab orang lain kata aku sesuai jadi doktor. boleh tak? =P

Dan Darby, B.F.F "aku rasa kan shan, u'll become a good doctor, u just have it "
after i explained about things related to medicine, asked by my friends waktu lepak-lepak minum2 kat kedai makan.

T (bukan nama sebenar), friend from Faculty of Economy " gue pikir lo bakal jadi doktor yang baik, gue ngerasa senang dan enak (selesa) ceritain penyakit gue ke lo, dan lo tu menjelasin, benar2 jelas gitu, komunikasi yang baik..."
after i analyze a friend's condition, and give her advice of what she should do. i explain in indonesian language you all, she still said a good communication, gempak tak aku? hik =P

and this conversation

me: doctor, i wonder, why a friend did told me about this doctor with extra title professor, act so arrogantly while treating her? he even scold my friend when my friend ask whether she have TB or not. the doctor said that it is not the same for people who learn medicine and who doesn't.

doctor/tutor: yes, doctors usually don't tell the patient about their condition TB (+), because it's a common false belief in community that TB is so dangerous and humiliating, and whoever have it should be isolated / separated and not to mix with others.

me: if that's the case doctor, then, isn't it our job as a doctor who knows better, educate the people about the real situation?? and about the professor i told u before, i think it doesn't do anything good to him if he act and treat his patients like that. makes people think his title is nothing, make people think he is not a good doctor (in term of patient-doctor relationship, not knowledge).

doctor/tutor: good if u can think like that. u need to remember and keep in mind, not everybody that become a doctor, is ideal as a doctor.
and if u can keep ur way of thinking like this, i really think u'll make a good doctor...

me: thanx, doctor

one thing is, i never realize if i have the potentials to become a good doctor. to become a doctor is easy, as i always say

"to be a doctor is just as easy as passing examinations.
to be a good doctor is just as hard as being a good person."

Ya Allah...
aku bersyukur kepadamu atas peluang menuntut ilmu yg kau berikan padaku
Kau permudahkanlah aku untuk menerima ilmu
Kau berkatilah ilmu yang telah, sedang, dan yang akan ku pelajari
semoga apa yang ku peroleh, mendatangkan kebaikan kepada diriku dan juga kepada orang lain
Kau jauhkanlah rasa takbur, dan tanamkanlah sifat rendah diri dalam diriku



Sunday, November 9, 2008


lama aku fikirr...

jari jemari stanby di keyboard...

tapi nda terlintas apa2 pun untuk di tulis...

sekian saja buat kali ini

terima kasih

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

aku orangnya...

mari menganalisa. sbnarnya benda2 cam ni takyah org kasi tau pun, boleh tahu sendiri, asal sedar diri jek.
sis aku fwd emel ni, so berdasarkan befdei aku, aku orgnya

You are smart - i hope so
straight talking - depends on situation. most of the time, i talked berbelit2
funny - yes indeed. or at least what my friends told me
stubborn - ever try to influence me? tak berjaya kan. hoho
hardworking - oh tidak sama sekali. i give up easily
honest - yep. no plastic2 yg takkan terbiodegradasi near me. beware !!!
Jealous on competing basis - siapa yg tak?
kind hearted - never know
angry - yes. annoyed by hooligans easily
friendly - yes
authorities - what's this mean?
Famous person... - oh ye ke? best nye. feeling superstar plak kan
always want to be and regarded as first on people
Position- tidak!!! tp mmg aku tak suka org yg aku tak suka mengetuai aku lah
they are often like to be independent - yess.
will never be under Others - not a problem to me
self confident people! - yeppp. or at least i know my potential.

You are most likely to fall in love in the younger age, but will get
Marry when you mature! - never know
You are likely to have problems with people who have opposite views - sgt!!!
And you are most likely to take revenge over your
Enemies in a long time basis. - aku ni pendendam orgnya...
You are a spender, but you will have a good profession in the future. - future doctor =D, and i am not really a spender!!!
If you are guy you will be very popular that everybody will have mental attraction and respect at you. - i guess so.
You can go anywhere from the local shop to the heart of the parliament because you are positive and
Well talented in numerous issues!! - i realize about this =D
But in your life you will always have some people who will work hard
To bring you & your name down. - siapaaa?!?!!!! aku tenyeh mulut tu pakai cili nanti
This is undercover!!
Coz of your smart behavior you will be hated by some People too... - biasa sgt la kalau org tak suka aku kan..


Friday, October 24, 2008


suddenly, out of nowhere, tons of things i need to do

will be very busy

so peningg...

friends, expecting update within 3 months okay...

or next week. hik

Monday, October 13, 2008

question: what makes me happy?

answer: when friends were asking for update. hiks

macam artis noks!, eh salah. bai, wa dah cam artis!

org sebok dok tertanya-tanya apa yg latest.


i thought i could spend more time blogging, minimum an entry a day, but it is just so impossible due to several conditions:

1. i don't have internet konek-syen

the nearest cc is about 20-30 minutes walking distance. my place kan, very kesian tau. i dah contact the ISP for like zillions time asking for internet connection, but they always give me the answer "no telepon rumah bapak ga bisa internet pak, soalnya no rumah bapak masi ~what the fock i don't remember~, jadi ga bisa"

mesti ada line telefon noks. speed pun cuma 256kbps. harga mahal cam sundel sebulan kurang lebih RM80.00, tapi batas penggunaan cuma 1Gb sajer.

tapi line rumah i tak boley.

kalau nak broadband 3G ke 3.5G ke 3some ke, kenalah mak bapak korang ada kilang mencetak wang ke, korang perompak bank ke. sebulan plg murah RM60 hengget, tapi cuma boleh pakai 250MB sajork. nak pakai extra boleh, tapi bayarlah

kesian noks, eh, bai, indon ni. mereka ni tak sepeka IT cam kat negara kita. internet mahal dan susah didapati. tapi video lucah lokal mereka kat internet tetap kelas dan top.

jom la kita sama2 mengenang jasa Tun M yg telah susah payah mempromosikan budaya celik IT kat negara kita, sampai2 internet kat negara kita sgt murah dan mudah didapati, memudahkan para pengguna mendownload video2 x-rated dan video2 haram cetak rompak dgn kelajuan gila babas.

2. dry up of ideas

having brain with a size of dried pea, (i don't really know, never having my brain x-ray / CTscan /MRI) i hardly can come out with anything.

3. prioritizing chores

2 things most important in my life right now is reading text books, and get enough sleep

so i only write something when the previous 2 things were done.

estimating average word read per day is about 10,000 words, and half of them i need to refer to dicktionary.

obligate hours of sleeping per day is 8-9 hours. i just need that undisturbed quality sleep, because if i don't then the beast inside me will wake up. i become super-cranky. macam baby yg diganggu tidurnya lah. dan i akan jadi bodo gak, cannot focus on anything i do.

4. trillions things to do, at a time

impossible kan? so i cut it down to only several millions. like now other than reading textbooks and sleep, i also try to finish reading some novels, Laskar Pelangi, To Kill a Mocking Bird, and The It. and tutoring/mentoring juniors. and revising.

and to make a draft for my minor thesis project.

oh ya, about my minor thesis, i still didn't decide yet what's the title. i do have several ideas:

1. Malays forget easily. genetic (naturally dumbs) or environmental influences?

2. Effect of porn to short term memory

3. incidence & prevalence of allergic reaction to condom made from latex

4. microbial isolates and sampling from public toilet seat, influencing community health?

5. practice and awareness of toilet hygiene (especially hand washing) among workers handling/serving foods & prevention of diseases related to food poisoning.

due to ethical issues, i shorted it down to no 4 and no 5.

i cant butchering random malays' brains just to observe any differences / abnormalities that cause the, err, pa nama? oh. Melayu Muda Lupa. it is just so unethic. racist some more =P

i can't expose subjects to porn to determine their short term memory affected or not, because 'one thing can lead to another'. hik

and allergic reaction to condom? how i suppose to conduct my study? observing people while they having, err, that 'thing' ? alaa u must know kan what i mean. i just write "thing" because this is a user friendly blog. Rated General. no need parental advisory whatsoever =P

5. most of the time, i just a lazy person

And here, i upload photos of the only greeting card i received from Malaysia this Eid Fitr season, from Fariz, schoolmate time aku muda remaja dulu di Sekolah St.Anthony.

Kepada Fariz, hanya ucapan Terima Kasih yang mampu aku berikan.

tak sempat nak reply la. nanti je la Valentine aku kirim ko kad k, kalau aku rajin la. hiks.

i only received 2 cards this time, another one is from my tutorial mate, Vickee.

Thanx oso.

alamat indonesia, stem malaysia tuh =D

cantek kan kad ni. custommade tau.

kata2 kat dalam kad =D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i am no personal assistant. hik

determined & diligent, focusing so hard trying to figure out how to withdraw a mixture of PPD from an ampoule by using a syringe to practice intradermal injection(i wasn't pay attention earlier when my tutor demonstrated how to do it, silly me)by reading the manual provided, (no figure whatsoever, only text, omg, tu lah next time kena tgk waktu tutor ajar, bukan nak borak je), then i gave up and asking a friend instead to show me how to it properly, when my tutor asking me a silly question, i guess

Dr. H: rafshan, when will anwar come to jakarta?

Me: ha? which anwarr?? when?? why?
i was pretty much terkejut by the question, i mean, i'm trying to learn here. then he was asking q not related to the subject we learn. heheh

Dr. H: Anwar Ibrahim. i read somewhere in the newspaper, or tv news, i don't remember. may be u know about it?

Me: err, doctor, i am not Saiful, how on earth i'd know about that?..
i wasnt finish my sentence pun. and that time, i still struggling with the syringe and the ampoule. tiba tiba...

then, the whole group members, and the tutor, burst into laugh. even sombody from other group in the next room knocking on the wall dividing our rooms, as a signal we were too loud.

Me: i mean kan, doctor, i am not his personal assistant lah. wasn't that supposed to be his PA job? to know everything where he wanted to go, what he wanted to do. to fullfill all his needed.


next post is about kad raya. the only card that i received this season. from Fariz, exjuniorhischoolmate =D

Thursday, September 18, 2008


aku makin bosan dgn suasana sekeliling yg tipikal ini

ingin saja aku berteriak, menjerit, mengharik

meluah segala kekalutan minda & jiwa

raga ku baik2 saja


nanti suara rosak, tak leh menyanyi lagi

jadi, aku blog je

ish =P

skrg demam, nt lah

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

entri bergambar

1st time aku merajinkan meng-uploading gambar2. tapi takde kaitan, random saje.
tengok2 la ye, komen skali =D
(tetiba slang a jd e ni. lol)

ini adalah gambar utk menjawab persoalan oleh pie dan sharihana di entri sebelum ini.
tak percaya lagi aku ada 6 pack? tengok betul2 neh! =P

ini meja aku.
ini bukan ilusi optik ataupun hasil olahan photoshop.
ini memang meja aku.
semak, kan?
tp sudah kasi kemas la, nda jua aku biar macam ni. ini pun sebab baru balik cuti. hikk

learning medicine is hard, tough, & heavy.
buku tu mmg hard cover, tough (never ever try to bend it), dan heavy pun. 3 - 4 kg buku tu.
2754 pages, belum termasuk index.
ini baru satu textbook, blom textbook2 yg lain.
tapi tak la baca dari kulit ke kulit. hik

gambar asrama waktu jalan2 di skolah cuti hari tu. rindu la plak.

ini gambar lobster tau, bukan naga. besar kan? sadap woo

cantek kan.
lokasi - pantai kat labuan.
claimed by my friend i photoshopping this 2 photos.
i did not! pakai camera kat handphone je

tapak kaki apa nih??? seram aku

a drawing by me =D

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

2 hari 2 malam

31 0gos jam 7.30 malam

-sampai di rumah sewa, letak barang, dan keluar ke kedai
-makan Ikan sambal balado. pedas. gastrik aku tambah teruk
-makan ubat gastrik, byk gas terhasil oleh tindak balas ubat dan asid, kentut2
-beli towel baru, oreo, dan bun krim cokelat, ingat nak sahur makan oat
-balik rumah, oat dah habis rupanya. tension. tidur
-bangun sahur, makan bun cokelat dan oreo je

1 september jam 7 pagi

-mula kuliah. macam demam. masih gastrik. stress. shock. rasa nak menjerit dgn suasana yg tiba2 berubah
-tghari, mood membaik. perut pun membaik. tak jadi demam.
-petang, kelas selesai. ke kedai membeli oat. mesti nak sahur oat jugak. beli coke 1.5L, dgn 1 tin fanta blueberry green tea
-tgk jam. dah jam 5.05 ptg. F***!!! (puasa, tak baik maki2) aku lupa bas ke housing aku sampai jam 5 je.
-nampak ada bas route ke housing aku. aku berlari mengejar. dpt kejar. punya penat. berpeluh. pakcik bas tu kata (tak ambik org la, nak patah balik ni) F***!!! kali yg ke 2.
-jalan kaki... penat siot. terserempak kawan. dia cakap "sanggup ko berpenat2 balik jln kaki, patut la badan ko maintain je" aku tersipu malu2 anjing.
dekat 30 minit baru sampai. masih mampu berpuasa.
-sampai rumah, baru ingat takda makanan... 10 minit lagi nak bukak puasa. telefon kawan yg sedang lepak kat restoran, mintak pesankan aku minuman. keluar lagi. naik ojeg (pengangkutan awam, tapi motosikal, jadi pembonceng, tak payah helmet)

1 september jam 6 ptg

-bukak puasa. kawan tanya kenapa aku tak pesan makan. aku kata aku tak boleh terus2 makan. minum dulu. nanti perut aku 'terkejut'. kawan kata lagi "ko jaga makan ye? patutla badan ko maintain je"
-mwhahahawhahwhaah. sehari sampai 2 org tegur badan aku. ensem sgt ke badan aku ni?

-tapau ikan sambal balado. extra pedas. makan kat rumah.
-jam 8 mlm, dah tidor. penat perjalanan tak hilang lagi (labuan - kl - bandung), set alarm jam 3.30 pagi, nak sahur oat

2 september jam 3.30 pagi

-terbangun tidur. terdidur lagi
-jam 4.30 terbangun. azan yg bangunkan. A*****! (alamak je) tak dapat sahur. tidur balik. set alarm jam 5.00 pg plak.
-jam 5 bangun tidur. tp masih ngantuk. snooze alarm. 5 minit kemudian, alarm lagi. terbangun, masih ngantuk. snooze alarm, dan tidur lagi. sampai 6 kali. 5.35 baru bangun.
-siap2 gi lab. masih penat... allergic rhinitis plak. hidung dah macam air terjun, mencurah2 cairan dari hidung aku. bersabar. abis lab, 3 jam break. nak balik jauh.
-online kat labkom.
-update blog

Friday, August 29, 2008

the voice...

...for me to tell my story, i need to tell theirs...

ambik ko, intro cam Ghost Whisperer (cam jenama tuala wanita) plak kan?

this is a true story, or at least what i thought to be true, happened to me not so long time ago back when i was in form 4 in Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan

never a fan of the study room (a place where diligent students wasting their time studying usually 11.00 pm onwards until, err, depends on them) i chose to lepak at friend's dorm after night prep one night. nothing much to talk about, i decided to return to my room around midnight, only to found my form 1 roommate asking me
"bang rafshan, buleh tidur sama bang rafshan malam ni?"

"ah, nada. tidur la katil ko, sesak baa nt"

"takut la bang rafshan..."

"ish.. ba. ambil la ko punya bantal sma slimut."

then he lied down next to me. (to answer your curiosity, no, we didn't involve or engage in any bontot relationship ok)
as i was closing my eyes, i heard a faint noise, seems it was coming from far away. i tried to figure it out, and that was it. i didn't dare to questioning what it was as some people says it is taboo to tegur something "weird" like that.

suddenly, my roommate
"bang Rafshan, bunyi apa tu? bang Rafshan dengar ka?"

"oi, jgn ditagur baa, kau ni kan.."

that faint noise, turn out to be a voice like, became clearer to my ears.

somebody, or "something", were shouting from far away for help...

"tolong.... tolongg... tolongg..."

my roomate
"bang rafshan, takut la. apa tu bang rafshan? siapa tu?"

"shhhh.. diam, jgn ditagur lagi!"

tolongg... tolongg lah saya.... aarghhhhhhhhhhh....."

the next morning, i asked my roomate about that 'noise' he had heard previous night. he told me it was something like shouting for help from far away. no doubt we both heard it.

who or what it was?

aku tak tahu...

next chapter: The Red Eyes...

next-next chapter: antu bungkos...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i'm over it

i'm over it

once, i was so passionate about politic, but not anymore

politics has had been infiltrated by bastards, dogs, bitches, pigs as politicians and also supporters.

politik di Malaysia kini hanya menyebabkan PERBALAHAN dan PERPECAHAN...

aku fikir, seharusnya politik mendatangkan kebaikan dan membawa kepada penyatuan masyarakat...
sebaliknya yang berlaku...

i am not, and never a big fan of chaos and havoc

so i'm done with politics

i think i should consider singer as my 2nd profession.
releasing song in every single language spoken in Malaysia, i might just be the person who could unite all the people in this country.
the cover of my album will be the map of Malaysia, highlighting the Sabah & Sarawak, and magnifying the Labuan,
so some bloody stupid people from Semenanjung realize and acknowledge that
Sabah & Sarawak & Labuan are parts of Malaysia.

p/s- never wrestle with a pig. both get dirty, but the pig likes it

Sunday, August 17, 2008

mubahalah. whose turn now?

saiful dah bersumpah.

sgt berani.

atau sgt bodoh?

anwar tuduh itu semua konspirasi politik

dia ada bukti?

kalau betul itu konspirasi politik, kenapa anwar tak bersumpah itu semua konspirasi? mana dia tahu itu konspirasi?

tapi iyalahkan.

isu ni melibatkan kote dia.

dia memang tahu la kan siapa betul siapa salah?

tapi aku memang tak tahu siapa betul, siapa salah

sbb aku tak terlibat dlm hubungan mereka. 

dan adalah tindakan yang tidak wajar, kalau pengikut anwar yakin dia benar dan suci dan mulia, hanya kerana luaran dia sebegitu.

aku sgt kesal dgn perkara ini.

macam mana penyokong anwar boleh yakin seluruh jiwa raga mereka kalau anwar tu org yg amanah fatanah tabligh sidiq?

kalau nak yakin sgt, aku tak kisah pun,

cuma kadang2, mereka ni siap memaki hamun / kurang ajar / biadap dgn mereka yg percaya kalau anwar tu bersalah.

kalau macam tu, tak perlu lah mahkamah kan?

contoh la,

kalau ada org yg dituduh mencuri sebiji karipap. lepas tu mmg yg dituduh tu serabai, miskin, kasar, muka cam penjahat. terus je la hukum dia kan? tak yah mahkamah, sbb dia mmg ada ciri2 seorang yg akan melakukan jenayah?

tp kalau seorang ni pulak, segak, , hidup mewah, dan dituduh mencuri karipap, automatik dakwaan kenalah gugurkan ye tak? sbb tak mungkin org kaya nak curi sebiji karipap kan? baik dia gi makan kat Chilis ke, kat Chinoz ke.

itu sbg contoh la kalau dunia ni dipenuhi oleh org cam penyokong anwar yang MAHA taksub dgn dia.

anwar plak kata tak nak angkat sumpah. dia kata kalau ada tuduhan, kenapa perlu bersumpah?

dia kata  ada mahkamah, tak perlu bersumpah2. 

oops. setahu aku, 'dorang' ni org2 yg tak percaya dgn mahkamah (kan kononnya dulu mahkamah terlibat memerangkap anwar?)

dlm situasi ni, kalau tak nak diperangkap mahkamah, bersumpah la.

pastu kita tgk siapa yg mati kena sambar petir

mesti best. boleh buat film.

tp nt kalau mahkamah sabitkan anwar bersalah, lain pulak kata dia.

mahkamah dikuasi kerajaan la, apa lah, itu la, inilah.

tp dalam kes ni, mesti ada sorang betul, sorang salah kan?

kita tidak tahu ttg hal itu...

aku tak kata Anwar salah jugak.

dalam perundangan, seseorang yg didakwa dianggap tidak bersalah selagi belum disabitkan bersalah.

sesiapa yang didakwa perlulah membela diri

tapi kes ni blm sampai perbicaraan lagi.

aku harap, kalau korang pro mana2 pihak pun, tak perlu lah mencaci pihak yg satu lagi...

tiada guna utk kita manusia berbalah demi perkara yg sia2...

ataupun yakin sgt siapa betul siapa salah, kita tak terlibat

perkara ni antara Saiful dan Anwar

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

aku tak ska PAS

aku rasa pelik la ttg politik dan perundangan di Malaysia...

*disclaimer - semua yg aku tulis ni tanpa merujuk mana2 sumber fakta yg sahih

skrg sibuk cerita pasal forum ttg perkara agama Islam dlm perundangan Malaysia oleh Majlis Peguam?
dan sudah tentulah org Islam membantah perkara ini

tapi aku tak tau nak bantah, atau tidak
sebab aku tak tau isu apa yg akan dibincangkan dalam forum tu

tp kalau isi forum yg nak dibincang tu cuba utk 'melawan' Islam di negara kita,

Allahuakhbar! semangat org Islam di negara kita masih belum pudar utk menentang perkara tadi.
Lihatlah bantahan yg dilakukan.
NGO, badan2 politik, persendirian sekalipun sama2 bersatu 

tp serius, aku tak tahu apa yg dibincang di forum tu...

perkara seterusnya yg buat aku rasa pelik, ialah dasar PAS
PAS memperjuangkan Islam, tapi pada waktu yg sama berpakat dgn DAP?
PAS lebih rela berpakat dgn DAP berbanding UMNO?
aku tau la PAS pernah label UMNO ka BN sbg kafir? (kalau aku nda salah, kalau salah, maaf)
tp se'kafir'2 UMNO pun, DAP lebih kafir lagi!!!


menurut firasat aku (ye la tu...), majlis peguam dan isu forum agama tu, ada kaitan dgn DAP.
sbb, majlis peguam perlu sponsor kan?
dari segi kewangan, nda payah cerita la. 
dan dari segi sokongan politik, majlis peguam perlu politician utk perkara berkaitan penggubalan / amendment undang2 kan?
jadi parti politik plg berpotensi siapa lagi kan?
tgklah antara perkara yg pernah diperjuang oleh DAP?

tp PAS masih rela berkawan dgn DAP daripada berkawan dgn UMNO...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I'm back babeh, and tanned

harga minyak naik
harga tambang pun naik
aku lebih rela jalan kaki ulang alik rumah aku ke kampus
hasilnya aku pun tanned
setelah sentiasa sunbath dlm perjalanan

i'm tanned

Friday, June 27, 2008

isu basi. jumpa dalam draft aku. heheh

belek2 draf, ada plak satu isu series yg aku tulis neh, tp tak terupload plak.

pasal Fitna.

nak tulis apa skrg tak tau, tp buat masa ni silakan je baca dulu k.

nanti aku tulis pasal benda lain pulak.


silakan ignore sebarang kesalahan tatabahasa, atau apa2 lah.

disclaimer: i write what i think, what i know. As my knowledge of Islam is lesser than those who scored A1 in Pendidikan Islam SPM (i only managed to score A2), please feel free to ignore anything that u find absurd in this article, and just stick to what u believe. And please whatsoever, do not start accusing me as being bias, or unfair, or kafir.

so i guess my writing this time is not really about PI SPM knowledge, because i am not writing about Haji, or ayat-ayat lazim, or hukum bacaan(tempo, resonance/hum, articulation).

1. Fitna

some might say, this issue is already expired. never mind, i just want to point out several things.
people & media were telling me how insulting the video was to the Muslim communities. i felt angry,
but i didn't really know how to react.

people started sending messages about boycotting Dutch's products via email, friendster, and mosques' bulletins. what made me felt regretted about the messages is some are posted with message like "If u still love Islam, do boycott Dutch's products" like that. i mean, why use 'boycott' as indicator of love Islam or not? let's say if someone did not boycotting, is that mean that he didn't love islam anymore?
ok, u might say "do not translate that messages literally", if that so, why put some message that makes people confused to dead end, 'do or die' like that?
hey, give people choice!

other than that, i almost leave a mosque during a khutbah session, because i felt uneasy listening to the preach of the khatib.
instead of usual soft talk and advices and self-introspection messages, that day was different.
he was saying out loud, emotionally, related to Fitna, preaching us to raise our guns and swords, and attack those who insulting Islam / non-believers.
he also said that nowadays, we are weak Muslim. our leaders (prime ministers / presidents / kings, etc) are weak Muslim. we do not dare to fight with non-believers anymore.

he gave an example, about how Muhammad (p.b.u.h) endorsed a friend's deed, of killing his wife for his wife had insult Muhammad in her song (i am so confused about this, since the khatib didn't put a references to his story, and i think this story will only make the condition worse for Islamophobia, saying that Islam is endorsing cruelty and terror), and suggest that we Muslim nowadays should do the same thing (of killing?) if there are any people who insult our religion.

i have a better suggestion. instead of killing, why don't we do da'waah? who knows that one day, the people who hate us most, enlighten, and embrace Islam? we never knows.

and did the khatib ever thinks that the eff-ing stupid Wielder, the person who responsible for the video, was not making the video in the name of Christian? what i can tell u is, Wielder as a politician, is more secular than most of our national leaders. he is not working in the name of church and everything.
he produced that video for his political benefits, and he himself suffering from Islamophobia.
so why the khatib suggest us to have a war against non-believer (specifically, Christian), it wasn't them who produced the video, it is the eff-ing stupid Wielder.

so if u want to have a war dear khatib, go kill Wielder, not innocent people.

responses and reactions from Muslim all around the world were outrageous. for me, it's ok, we Muslim have right to feel angry. In Indonesia, yepp, as usual, the people didn't missed the chance of demonstrations. it was a good sign though, that the people here are not ignorance about the issue.
The president of Republic of Indonesia also gives his comments related to 'Fitna' on the media, and reminds the people of Indonesia, if they want to conduct demonstrations, go on, but in peace.
that's a right thing to do, since if u kasar-kasar & jahat-jahat during the demonstration, it will lead to a bad consequences, and just strengthen the Islamophobias' perspective about how terrorizing we Muslim are.

and furthermore, i am not sure if there were any comments from our 'beloved' PM about the issue. they are only 4 possibilities.
1. he did not gives any comments because he is ignorance.
2. he did not gives any comments because he think people of Malaysia are ignorance.
3. he did not gives any comments because, indeed, people of Malaysia are ignorance.
4. he did gives comments on the issue, but i missed it, and it's my fault. sorry.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


exam - finish
mood - hellish
thought in my mind rite now - rubbish

hey! it's rhyme yo!

akan update, tungguu!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

considering specialty?

me and few friends, we don't have noble reason why we choose medicine.

it is just about the money, and the thought of not need to go for job hunting (hopefully) after finishing our degree.

most of the time, we do not like to be serious about medicine, except when the exam is around the corner.

we do make stupid-and-not-so-funny-jokes out of it.
especially about specialty.

Neurosurgeon (belah kepala bedah otak dan saraf)

once, i had a tutor who speak rarely. ask him anything, the answer will be the same "u should read more..."
heck, he is not stupid. at the age of 31, he is already a Neurosurgeon. he must be damn brilliant to be selected into the program at a very young age.
finish 1st degree at 24, continue specialty at age 25, finish specialty at 31.
he talked a little too. no effort of socialized with us.
somehow, i think that he has problems in communication. socially, he is also a bored guy (although he might be richer than anybody at his age)

i told a friend about my doubt about our tutor, then he answered "do not wonder, as our tutor is a neurosurgeon, he never really have a good time to socialize, especially with his patient. u know, as surgeon, he only have time to socialize with unconscious (anesthetized) patient, that's why he is socially, err, retarded"

Forensic Medicine (bedah siasat mayat)

during one forensic medicine lecture, suddenly my friend asked me "do u ever wonder y some people wanted to pursue their specialty in forensic medicine?"

"err, i don't know about that, but look at our lecturer, she look tough though. she must not scared of ghost, u imagine, how she managed to have a normal life, despite the horridness of her job?"

"if that so.. hurmm, i think she was into gothic music when she was a student"

"black metal or something?"

"no, no. she still wearing a veil though. and she doesn't look like someone who would drink a goat's blood. but she must have had a twisted life back then when she was our age, i think so, more into gothic"

Obstetric & Gynaecology (pakar sakit puan)

"i understand if women are into this specialty, but why men? why?"

"still want to ask ah? i guess they are sex-maniac. it is like when u obsess at something, u r really into it. it is no different with anybody who choose their specialty."


"look at our dermatologist-tutors, they are pretty and handsome. if i were like him (pointed to a particular handsome tutor), i would stop study medicine, and become a celebrity instead, have a glamourous life"

"it must be fake. u get to inject Botox by urself if u r dermatologist"

heheh. i guess it is not nice to mock those specialist doctors, one thing and another, they do make big money out of their specialty.
i guess that's what really matter.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

menghadapi dugaan hidup...

what i really mean is, the examination is just around the corner!

jadi kepada para kawan2, atau pun pembaca yg tersesat ke sini,

doakanlah untuk keberhasilan aku ok?

semoga Allah membalas jasa kalian semua

Amin :)

Saturday, May 31, 2008

hati bersaksi...
akan diri terpasung kejahilan
meronta derita insan hina
melaung syair tak bernada

bangkitlah wahai jiwa keliru
sedarlah wahai akal buntu
ku seru semangat menyatu
menguak belenggu bebaskan jiwa
cekal hati menjejak ilmu

alam bersaksi...
dengan penuh kesedaran hati
kerana ilmu aku merendah diri
dengan ilmu akan aku berbakti


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

kisah seekor babi

-Part 1-

Babi Yang Cumel

Rafi: uina, sebut babi pun salah ka? bukan makan pun...

Ifar: kotor ba tu binatang, haram

Rafi: udui, biarla tu binatang yg kutur, bukan sa

Ifar: yalah, yg ko sebut-sebut tuh?

Rafi: abes tu gambar babi cumel bha. jgn la ba mara. bukan sa blg ko yg babi pun.

-part 2-

karangan autobiografi

Saya Seekor Babi...

Aku dilahirkan di sebuah kandang babi yang bau gila, di sebuah daerah di Selangor. hidup aku cukup mudah. aku dilahirkan, diberi makan sampah, dan bila sudah cukup besar, aku akan dipotong utk dijadikan bah-kut-teh, atau casau, atau dieksport ke China.

sungguhpun begitu, aku tetap dibesarkan dgn penuh kasih sayang oleh ibuku, krn bapakku telah dipotong terlebih dahulu sblm aku dilahirkan. dengan dididikkan ibuku, aku tidak menjadi pelacur, tidak pula mencuri, tidak pula rasuah, tidak pula aku dibuang oleh ibuku. adakah ini bermaksud aku lebih baik dari sesetengah manusia? aku tak tahu.

tapi manusia seringkali mengejek atau menghina manusia lain dgn perkataan "babi". adakah aku begitu hina sekali sehingga disamakan dgn manusia yg mereka anggap keji? aku merasa begitu marah kerana manusia yg keji dianggap seperti aku, sedangkan aku tidak seperti mereka. kami tak pernah melacur, mencuri, mahupun rasuah, atau berpolitik kotor. ya, kami tidak sama dgn manusia.
tapi, kami tidak pula menggelar babi lain sbg "macam manusia" kalau babi tersebut berkelakuan keji.

aku sedar dan aku tau aku kotor, dan bagi sesetengah org, kami dianggap sbg menjijikkan. suka hati merekalah nak kata apa, kan sekarang kononnya Malaysia adalah negara demokrasi, ditambah pula dengan hak asasi manusia, tapi ada ISA katanya, macam mana tuh? tapi dah manusia yg memerintah, jadi takdalah pulak hak asasi babi diwujudkan. tp aku masih tak puas hati manusia disamakan dgn kami babi. kami rasa ada manusia yg lebih hina dan menjijikkan dari kami. manusia pelacur, manusia rasuah, manusia politik kotor, manusia pencuri. kenapa tak gelar manusia jahat seperti manusia sahaja? tiada makhluk lain di bumi ini yg lebih jahat dibanding manusia.

tapi kerana hayat dan kaki aku yg pendek, aku tak pula terlalu mempedulikan kebodohan manusia, sampailah kandang @ kampung halaman aku ini menjadi polemik antara para politikus yg bodoh. apa lagi si KJ yg tak belajar ekonomi tapi buat statement harga daging babi naik sebab projek kandang babi ini. mana boleh harga naik kalau pengeluaran bertambah? pastu sibuk pula para umno yg bodoh itu samakan pulak parti pembangkang dgn kami? siap buat banner parti pembangkang tunggang kami?! ini suda lebeh owwh UMNO!!! carik gaduh ngan aku nampak?

tapi macam tu lah, kalau dah bodoh tu bodoh la jugak, tak dapat dek nak nolong. lagipun hayat aku dah tak lama dah, cukup gemuk, aku pun dipotong lah. so tak la aku merasa hidup merana & terseksa di Malaysia ni kerana kebodohan para pemimpin yg korup.

akhir kata dari aku, kepada org Islam, jgn lah sesekali makan daging aku, krn haram.
kepada org bukan Islam, jgn lah makan daging aku sungguhpun agama kamu tidak melarang, kerana dalam daging aku terkandung telur & larva cacing pita, yg boleh menyebabkan penyakit, dan bertumbuh panjang sehingga 7 meter didalam usus kamu.
kepada para politikus yg bodoh, contohilah kehidupan kami para babi yg senantiasa rukun sahaja hendaknya, tak seperti korang yg asyik nak gaduh lebih2.

kepada semua manusia, hormatlah sesama manusia, tak perlu lah kamu menyamakan musuh kamu seperti aku, krn aku merasa terhina disamakan dgn manusia.

aku yang bakal dimasak bah-kut-teh

p/s- aku tau aku kotor, tapi kenapa manusia masih mahu makan aku?

Friday, May 23, 2008

bodoh eh...

Disclaimer: this conversation has occured between two unprofessional-hedonistic-reckless Malaysian, who only want peace and no stupid acts from the national leaders, nor ex-leaders.
do not judges us okay.

E: ko tau? Mahathir dah kuar UMNO woo!!!

Ruffey: ow, ye ke? tak heran pun. tapi kenapa?

E: dia masuk balik kalau si Lah turun.

Ruffey: oh. but it scared me lah nowadays. apa nak jadi dgn Malaysia...
ko tau la kalau Mahathir marah2 si Lah tu pun bersebab lah. ko tengok lah si Lah tu, ishh. apa lagi si KJ yg bodo tuh. haiyooo.
lama2 hancur Malaysia wei. pindah jom?

E: nak gi mana?

Ruffey: Brunei kot. sbb Brunei masih dekat dgn Labuan.

E: Brunei? org kata susah nak mohon warganegara sana. pindah gi negara salji lah?

Ruffey: Vancouver, Canada! aku dgr sana senang nak mohon kerakyatan, sbb penduduk masih sikit.

E: oh ye, esok si N nak gi Kedutaan China kat Jakarta, nak mohon visa nanti dia nak jalan2 ke China, kita ikut la dia, kan kawasan kedutaan dekat jakarta tuh dekat2 je? kita gi la kedutaan kanada, tanya prosedur camna.

Ruffey: orait. nanti aku google lirik lagu kebangsaan Kanada, mesti lah kena tunjuk kita series kat mereka kalau kita nak tukar warganegara kan?

E: yess!! bye2 Malaysia.

Ruffey: yeaahh!!! bye2 Malaysia! ur politic issues & polemics sucks bebeh. suckers as MP, sucker as PM.


this is just a stupid joke that was not so funny between me and my friend.
we was not serious
we just dissapointed we our leaders
we love Malaysia
we hate stupid people in UMNO nowadays
we hate KJ.

if i say "i Hate Lah", akankah aku dimasukkan ke ISA? if that so, i am not hating him. :P

if i get to vote next time, i rather choose Karpal Singh, than those UMNO loosers.

marilah berdoa, semoga mereka yg bodoh2 itu dicerahkan hati mereka utk menerima hidayah dan petunjuk agar tidaklah kekal dalam kebodohan selamanya...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my 1st tag

seriesli, aku rasa yg baca blog aku ni sorang jak, itupun kau zeq. aiyoo. mana la aku mau member community blog neh.. tp skrg aku isi dulu tag ko ni Zeq -

Senaraikan 5 hadiah yang anda impikan :

jCo donut yg banyak + cokelat2 yg sedap yg banyaakkk!!!
pembaca blog yg byk
novel2 english yg best

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aku rindu mau main Final Fantasy VIII & FF IX dan mengisi 2 minggu cuti cam buduh aku nanti disini
supaya laptop aku nda perlu on spjg waktu hanya semata2 mau dgr musik, apalagi kalau sampai aku tidur mesti sampai esok tu laptop on
aku addicted kpd benda2 manis cam jCO dan cokelatt
english aku is deteriorating. aku mau bljr bahasa, tp bukan secar formal.

5 impresi terhadap orang yang diminati :

haiyoo soalan nihh...

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Tidak ada sebab dia tidak tahu aku meminati dia.

5 ciptaan yang paling disukai (tidak semestinya melibatkan teknologi yang maju) :

kom & internet
buku & percetakan

5 perkara tidak disukai

entahla.. ngantuk aku skrg ni. malas mau pikir benda kasi sesak pikiran. huhu

5 orang yang anda mahu tag

tiada siapa. sbb tiada org yg baca pun. hahhahahh. aduh gelak sendiri2, psiko kali.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sometimes feel like I am wasted
Sometimes feel like my life is jaded
'cause the only few that i care, far away from me
They are the only few that really care for me

somewhere in the middle of nowhere
stand alone and nobody really I could trust
Wishing somebody is here for me,
Though now I feel among the diamonds, I am the dust

And then there were none,
until when this emptiness will last?
This just remind me,
To cherish moments of times long past

aku menulis puisi ini suatu waktu dahulu tidak terlalu jauh dari sekarang.
bila aku baca berulang kali, tetiba rasa pelik.
tak sangka aku berbakat plak dlm tulis menulis puisi, dlm bahasa penjajah plak tuh, kau ado?
aku bahasa penjajah ni, tak la ebat pun. nak cakap pon sangkut2. tapi okay gak la. MUET band 5 tau! hikk bangga diri plak daah.
org band 6 pun tak riak cam aku kan? heheh

tp nak tulis pun kena tgu ilham, time aku tulis tu, aku rasa sunyi sgt.
teringat2 pulak betapa bestnya kumpul dgn kawan2 kat skolah dan matric dulu.
dah masuk U nih, entah la...

aku pernah post puisi ni dulu, tp saja nak post balekk..
manatau cukup publisiti, bley masuk text book literature skolah. heheh

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

because of words...

some of my friends did told me that i will make a good politician

i assume that they were serious.

it is not uncommon for people to give me comments
"ur opinion, it is so true"
"u speak like that, are u a debater or something like that?"
"ex-prefect, or head student perhaps?"

i have no intention to take credits for all those comments. not at all.

and i realized i really know how to
talk nicely, talk diplomatically, manipulating words, and bodek2 also.

but i know that i will not make a good leader.

i cheated during exam (not anymore, after kantoi :P)
i corrupted the balance when my parents asked me to buy something
i slept during lectures
i prioritized myself first over all the things in the world
i having problems managing myself, let alone others

see? i am no better than anybody.
a good leader should become an example to people who he leads.

but err, i guess politician and leader is 2 different things? hoho :P

if all it takes to become a politicians are:
talk nicely, talk diplomatically, manipulating words, and bodek2 also.

then im in :P

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another piece of... turd

ini blog aku yg kali keberapa aku tak tau.

aku dah lupa. mungkin sebab aku Melayu. heheh
nantilah kalau aku buat thesis atau research, tajuk dia

"kaitan antara Melayu dan lemah daya ingatan - genetik atau sosiobudaya?"

jadi teman2, jangan merasa bosan dengan kejadian sering tukar alamat blog ini ok?