Friday, September 21, 2012


so far it's been 5 months i've had been into this job. not a single thought ever cross my mind that this job doesn't suit me.
but i am not dare to say that i love it though. because u know, things may change.

i have fellow doctors friends, who whenever we lepak together, would have some preferences of topic to be discussed about. thank God, i don't have any that like to brag about how good they are with their work, in other word, kiasu.

other than diseases and meds, i learnt a lot about human. and life.

Story 1
there was this 1 patient. he is from Myanmar. refugee under the care of UNHCR.
i was wondering how can they reach Malaysia, even KL. so chat with him. apparently, he was with 4 others, WALKING all the way. 4 died in the attempt. death-march.
why Malaysia, why not other country nearby?
so u see, people view Malaysia as a safe country, despite fucking stupid political stunts by our not-so-funny-comedian-but-we-are-force-to-call-them-politicians?
that's my friend, taught me not to complain about my job. some people struggling to death for a better life once they thought they could have.
i am blessed enough to have one, with enough money to lepak Changkat. ehh? hihi

Story 2
An indian guy abandoned at the ward. his family was last seen at the day of his admission. he is brain-damaged, unable to carry basic daily care for himself.
that's just pure sad.

Story 3
This one malay old man asking me whether i am chinese or not, whether i am muslim or not. the moment he know i am no chinese and a muslim, he immediately say something i consider as nasty remarks. it was something like "thank god u r not chinese. i don't want chinese doctor to treat me."
u know, aku rasa nak bagi penampar ja pacik tu. lantak biaq pi la dia dah tua ka apa, aku igt makin tua makin berakal.

Story 4
Gov. hospital providing services/treatment with indication. we DO NOT take out a baby from a mother's uterus just because 31st August is a good day to be born at. we DO NOT inducting a labor on 31st August so that your son will be proud (of nothing) for the rest of his life because being born at that particular day. our actions based on indication.
so there was this 1 lady, complaining of reduced fetal movement. he felt her baby 'kick' less than any other day and came to the hospital. it's not really a good sign for the baby.
after being observed, we decided to induct her labor with meds. bayi dah cukup bulan dah. lama2 dalam tu pun sebenarnya beresiko tinggi. apalagi ada indication. she was worried. but we do need the couple to give consent, after all, it's their baby kan? she even ask me "were they lots of mother came to the hospital on this day (31st august) for induction? my answer was simple. No. we don't do those stuff for the sake of mother or suka2. we do things on indication.
most couple would agree. she was agree. but her husband didn't.
i was explaining in pure bahasa. but the husband simply say to me "saya tak nak la. biar baby keluar sendiri. i belief in God's will!" bahasa inggeris uols!
urm so the husband adalah guru agama.
sebenarnya aku menyirap time tu. because the meaning behind those phrase he preached me, yang saya faham adalah "what u guys are doing, is against God's will. cuba utk melawan kuasa Tuhan".
aku blah terus. and was wondering, "so why are guys wasting my time and  the hospital resources???"

see? byk kan blajar pasal prangai manusia, dan kehidupan? until next time :-D